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HMMmm? - Facebook Trumps YHOO, MSFT On Display Ad Serving

Known Looksmart AdCenter partner in Facebook, has a story that's well worth considering .... Bear with me.

From PaidContent comes the story, that's linked below.

******** "Facebook Trumps YHOO, MSFT On Display Ad Serving - But Not Revenue" *********

< As the latest outburst of angst about Facebook’s privacy settings rages on, the social net is also burning up the display ad serving rankings.

During the first three months of 2010, Facebook served 176.3 billion display ads on its site, or 16.2 percent of the total, the WSJ reports, citing comScore data being released next week.

The social net’s numbers are even more impressive when compared with Yahoo, which served 131.6 billion banner ads to across Yahoo’s portal, and Microsoft, which delivered 60.2 billion display impressions during that period.>

< In total, comScore figures show that display ad impressions rose 16.5 percent to 1.1 trillion in Q1, which is just another sign that after being written off for the past two years, display is making a comeback, even if the lion’s share is starting to shift from the portal sites to Facebook.>

Facebook Trumps YHOO, MSFT On Display Ad ServingBut Not Revenue (Wed 12:01AM EDT)

Note Microsoft is said to have delivered 60.2 billion display impressions during that period. Not to it's own portal, like Yahoo is quoted, as doing. To who were they delivered, then?

Now the "what-ifs" ....What if (and, according to my "theory" in a previous post) Microsoft has been collecting all the Ad serving 'percentages' from Facebook?  (Bear in mind that Microsoft do "own" part of Facebook [5%?], and have had previous Ad deals and would be entitled to do so).

 BUT ... To make things (all) "fair and equal" this will not always be so.


Well, the Looksmart AdCenter "inter-connector" will soon "neutralise" all auction based Ads served through it (in a "blind to all" process), that will see each DSP seeking Facebook 'spots' fairly competing against each other (via the Looksmart marketplace), in what becomes a fully 'darkened room' (can't see each other's bids), type auction marketplace.

Should they have "switched" to this process (in this current quarter we are in), then watch out for brilliant revenues (well, very much improved to say the least), for Looksmart, to be posted in this Q2 period we are in.

You just never know, these days. Things CAN change so quickly and will. IMHO.



Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so