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Yahoo! are now a GLOBAL Advertising Co, with Online Properties

They just don't seem to get it, it would appear? That ........... "Yahoo! a Co that provides online properties and services to users; and marketing services to advertisers worldwide."

[Yahoo Finance -]

And I don't mean (only) the journalist that 'pen' the article. There is so much 'spin' being pushed out there by analysts these days that it's now become an even bigger "joke". Surely they have a better understanding of where a Co is heading, than they are seemingly prepared to divulge to the "sheep" in the market. - It's such a sad indictment of where we are at in the financial markets of the world, today.

Where most have lowered themselves to become PR "machines", for who? Where those who are all holding down positions of trust (who all purport to represent either their 'client/s' and or, the public), that are sending out the completely 'opposite' message, most of the time?

And the "crowd" follow in droves, too ...The "sheep" in the Market. - Here's such a great InstaBlog post on the lines of how the "sheep" interpret media messages and develop that "crowd" (or, herd) mentality, from there. (It is a very good read)

Yahoo's CEO Carol Bartz had surely made it quite clear (back in July, 2009), that Yahoo! now had 13,000 "foot-soldiers" down at the "local" level, no?

And this was before the Microsoft "deal" was confirmed. The same Microsoft that has helped 'build' Looksmart's AdCenter marketplace to scale, no?

This CNN Money article today [Yahoo still searching for a strategy‎], says it all, I feel. And I do note the 'usual' disclaimer, that says:."The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Paul R. La Monic."

Off-putting Analyst points of view, include:

< Sandeep Aggarwal, an analyst with Caris & Co., said Yahoo seems to be more interested in offering a potpourri of online content in order to attract a wide audience that it can then tout to advertisers.

"Yahoo's strategy is not fully clear. The company is providing an experience for users but in many cases it doesn't own the platform," Aggarwal said.

He was referring to the fact that Yahoo is still a classic "portal", a site whose main purpose is to send people elsewhere -- and not always to sites owned by Yahoo.>

< "Advertisers are looking for more targeting. Yahoo is so generic these days. Yahoo is not asleep at the wheel but the company needs to do more," said Pyykkonen (Martin Pyykkonen, an analyst with Janco Partners). "The days of getting a premium from advertisers just because you have more traffic are gone.">

At least one analyst does see what's going on, I feel. But doesn't quite go into his own reasons why. Aaron Kessler says:

< Some analysts want Yahoo to make more moves like the Associated Content deal.

"With the acquisition of Associated Content,Yahoo is furthering its evolution into a content producer, which we support as we believe Yahoo needs to provide more exclusive content," wrote Aaron Kessler, an analyst with ThinkEquity Partners in a report Tuesday.>

Is Aaron Kessler correct, in his above thought? The writer of the 'TheBuzz' blog article (who considers that Yahoo has an identity problem - because he & others haven't quite 'worked it out' as yet, maybe?), then opines, that ....

< Only time will tell if Bartz continues to look more at acquisitions and less at partnerships. Wolk mentioned that there is speculation Yahoo could buy Foursquare. She also cited chatter about Fwix, a network of local news feeds that competes with Patch, a local news site owned by AOL. But one thing is certain. Yahoo needs to convince Wall Street and advertisers that it is more than simply an aggregator of content or gateway to other sites that users will spend more time on -- and it needs to prove that soon.>

Hopefully, my reply to a fellow (Looksmart) shareholder over on Yahoo Finance has (maybe?) helped to note what the above is all about. He'd posted the article from the Associated Press [Google ads used by 1.5M US marketers, websites - AP],  that I feel (almost) 'typifies' exactly what I am writing about, in the above.

Re: Google Ads used by 1.5 million US Marketers, websites

[ Error: This message has been deleted ]

[ Note: The above message within that Link and that already, the fascist minded YAHOO CENSOR has DELETED my post from the view of other Looksmart shareholders, who visit their site.

See the comment section for the full post reply, as was given to in that post to my fellow shareholder. - It's not 'new' for Yahoo to do this, in what has been an ongoing but oh so sad, 'sign of the times'. - And my post is about?]

And with that early mention of newspapers, the YPN and those 13,000 additional advertising salesmen that Yahoo will now have 'on board', let's not forget about Looksmart's recent recruit (in Scott Hauswirth - LinkedIn, a Yahoo! Super Star, in 2007), and his 'back-ground' as a 'Senior Director, Business Development at Yahoo!, where (and, according to Looksmart), he was responsible for multiple distribution partnerships, including a large partnership with a consortium of newspapers that now involves over 800 newspapers acting as local marketing and sales channels for Yahoo! products'.

Yes ...Yahoo! are now a GLOBAL Advertising Co, with Online Properties. (And plenty of them, I may add. Including two more recent acquisitions. And Microsoft's own properties?)

Today (it was filed and it is well worth noting), that Scott Hauswirth has had 50,000 'reasons' granted to him (@ $1.02), to ensure that all (such) future 'transitions' (or, integrations), do happen to go smoothly.

Form 3 / Hauswirth, Scott

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