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Looksmart's (universal) AdCenter platform was built to scale by Microsoft


TRAFFIQ [ Who We Are], describe themselves as being the ultimate media planning and media buying tool for advertisers and now offer some 300 publisher sites and "geo-targeting" from all around the world.

From within their "demo" here [] it's worth noting that they not only (now) offer advertisers "geo-targeting" to scale, they also feature a long time Looksmart AdCenter partner, in REED Publishing.- REED Publishing (themselves) use AdCenter, within their KellySearch operation.

Now, I've (also) posted plenty before about the scale and global "reach" of Looksmart's award winning Adcenter (and being "private-labeled" out there to both publishers and advertisers), in particular, I've shown of it on this long time private labeled publisher partner (in the REED Publishing) site's 'geo-reach' shown here within KellySearch, as is exampled. (Do note the "exact" descriptions both had prior to the deleting of, some of this)
LookSmart® AdCenter: Help Center
We have launched partnerships with APEX Pacific, BidRank, ClickTracks, LivePerson, MakeMeTop, Omniture, Trellian and Atlas. ... utm_source - Set this to looksmart-{feed} to track which ...·

Kellysearch® AdCenter: Help Center
We have launched partnerships with APEX Pacific, BidRank, ClickTracks, LivePerson, MakeMeTop, Omniture, Trellian and Atlas. How do I edit my ad Title, Description or URL?
[NOTE: Looksmart and REED have now "killed" that above Link showing the above exact similarites, as were offered)
You can change your subscriptions to Kellysearch AdCenter email .... In the AdCenter, Geo-Targeting can be managed by clicking the Locations tab on the.

[ 2.4 Geo-Targeting [KellySearch]

What is Geo-Targeting?

Geo-Targeting allows your ads to receive traffic from web users in specific geographic areas that you designate.

What Geo-Targeting options are available?

Geo-Targeting is performed at the campaign level and is available for regions as large as a country or narrow as a postal code. Specifically, there are four geographic types you can use to target your campaigns:

  • Country
  • State or Region
  • City / Designated Marketing Area
  • Postal Code
Please note that at present Geo-Targeting options below the country level are only available for the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.]

LookSmart® AdCenter: LookSmart® API v4.0
To set a location using the geo targeting calls of the API you must use the locations as exactly as shown. Country Codes · Region Codes (United States, ...

But Looksmart's AdCenter has offered scale for quite some time now.
In fact, back in Q2 of 2008 we were told:
<..During the second quarter [ Q2 - 2008], LookSmart offered its customers the ability to reach Internet users in Canada, Australia/New Zealand and the United Kingdom through enhanced geo-targeting features built into its AdCenter technology platform.

LookSmart have also recently began testing in Germany to explore further growth of its Advertising Network.

"Through the AdCenter platform, LookSmart's distribution partners are able to monetize their international search queries and advertisers are able to target down to the city-level in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom," said Ted West, CEO and president of LookSmart.

"Our publishers and search advertisers trust LookSmart to offer growth opportunities like internationalization through our proven, independent ad serving platform." >

(It's so sad how Looksmart had done the "thimble and the pea" trick with these very same revenues earned from such "traffic", in many of it's recent quarterlies. - Like, now we have them, now we don't!!

But back to TRAFFIQ and that we are now told that THEY (too), can offer such scale. Now 'scalability' and the building of such, is far from being such a simple task. (See Link below) - With Looksmart recently advising the market that Microsoft (and had played a hand in the building of the (globally) 'scaled', Looksmart AdCenter and since the year 2002.

current report


[22nd March 2011 - In fact, it was Looksmart's former CEO Ted West who, (when) in regards to the performance capabilities of Looksmart's AdCenter platform, said:

<......."We believe that these performance features are comparable to those from each of the leading propriety search advertising platforms, but also that they are unique at scale among competing non-propriety search advertising networks.

....We fully understand that to replicate these performance features of scale would represent a significant engineering undertaking for any keyword search advertising provider

It's my point (I am making) that all DSP's, some Brands (working 'in house') and a good number of Ad Networks - along with publisher (Ad) Exchanges like Microsoft's AdECN and Yahoo's RMX (Right Media), will ALL be using this SAME technology, to (all), get to independently compete along-side each other (to "co-pete" against each other on both the 'buy' & 'sell' side) on equal terms, within the one huge global marketplace.

Google (who have stolen a march on others, no doubt) with it's own "Content Network", will offer advertisers [and, via it's 'gateway' acquistion, of Invite Media - I believe], the very same "filtering" as does that of TRAFFIQ, KellySearch and all/any other users of the Looksmart 'private labeled' (universal), inter-connector.

As has been explained, here:
<..Of course when using these filters one prudent move is to raise your bids to maintain your impression level. While this might cost a bit more, adding this to finely tailored filters means you’ll be getting the same or similar impressions but from the right people.>

It needs to be understood that Microsoft, Yahoo (IACI with and particularly Google (with it's "new" Content Network advertising,) MUST use an independent inter-connector to the marketplace, like Looksmart can offer.  

This enables them to achieve that "separation" (of both their content and their own advertisers) & in Google's case, the "unfair" (conflict of interest) advantage they have long held with AdSense over both their advertisers and publishers. (Do NO Evil? Oh yeah)

In regards to all or, many DSP's (advertisers) having different technologies (?), the following question put elsewhere would (or, must) provide the logical answer, surely?
<if you use 2 DSP's, aren't you actually setting yourself up to bid against yourself in any auction where those 2 DSP's share the same data point?>

It's all happening (is what I maintain), Folks !!!  :)
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