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Mr Asia (Microsoft?), Apple & Yahoo - AdCenter interconnector

I had described the lack of any 'guts' in the article from the NY Time's blog [Tech Innovator in Japan Sets Its Sights on China‎] as not just being a little blandish, but almost 'rubbish' in terms of some (any?) possible outcome 'speculation' being made, resulting from such moves. (There were none). This then prompted a fellow shareholder to ask as to the reason why I had thought it to be so?

Re: Mr Asia, Apple and Yahoo ... AdCenter interconnector...

I replied:

Don't get me wrong here (in my "rubbish" reference), as it is related to the 'fact' that the writer of the article makes NO mention (at all) of the "real" implications as to what this probably (ultimately), will all mean. 

Readers would need to be a 'genius' at research (or, even 'mind-readers'?), as the article in question hardly gets to the 'point' of it all.

Certainly in regards to what is the enormous marketplace that this opens up for both trade and the 'advertising' associated within it, for starters. (Proving again, that journalists don't necessarily make good researchers or, only write, what they are told to.)

This Yahoo news story tells it just a little better, but not much. They advise that .....

< The combined marketplace will cater to some 250 million customers and eventually offer 450 million products for sale. The move enables Softbank to secure another foothold in the fast-growing Chinese Internet market.>

This important deal adds a huge advancement to the global (marketplace) advertising ecosystem, that is now, quickly coming together. The fact is, that Yahoo owns a 40-percent stake in the Alibaba Group that also runs Yahoo’s operations in China.  

And on the other side of the fence is that (other) large Asian commerce area that I have 'touched-on' in a post here at SA. It all comes together, sooner or, later, I wrote:

< In my comments here [within the 5 comments] I introduced China's Baidu and a 'refresh' of a number of Looksmart announcements over the recent years, that do show Omniture as being a long time partner of Looksmart. 

Giant (China's Google?) Baidu are also doing a deal with suspect AdCenter partner (in LinkShare's parent Co), being Japan's Rakuten. (Besides Rakuten having a controlling 'interest', in Thailand)>

To understand that there is a need to "inter-connect" all of this (globally) is to then get a proper 'grip' on just where Looksmart's (oh so bright) future may well exist.

And that the Looksmart independent AdCenter (auction based) platform certainly provides such a capability, IMHO. But should you do a search for 'Looksmart' on you'll find, that there's not even ONE mention that is made, of the award winning AdCenter platform.

From both the articles, it's not too hard to (ultimately) see Microsoft's Bing being installed to Apple's iPad and other mobile devices. (And naturally Yahoo related search and properties, ok). Along with Apple (itself) and global digital newspapers (mostly all, with Bing, too), to then join in this massively scaled marketplace and with their own advertising (Apple's iAd mobile) network to be headed up by it's recent purchase of Quattro. 

Hey .... That's how I am seeing it all and why I called the scope of the article as being  'rubbish'. It hardly 'touched the surface', is how I saw it.

And LOOK still trades down where it is? Not for too much longer (again), is all, only my opinion of course.

Microsoft 'doing Google over', ever so slowly?

This article ["Pot, kettle, black? Microsoft voices concerns over Google‎" - and from] clearly shows Microsoft 'getting into' Google and is 'giving it plenty of stick' in such a clever manner, in this gentle 'reminder' to the Department of Justice.

<.......... "When a single entity achieves dominance and thereby becomes a gatekeeper," Microsoft warns,...... "there is an inherent risk that it may have both the incentive and ability to place its own interests above consumers' interests in access to a broad and diverse range of content, services and viewpoints.">

When (I myself strongly believe), that the Microsoft-Yahoo "deal" will get to absolutely dominate in the search advertising revenues department, in the not too distant future.

Time will "tell" (of course), as it generally always does.

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