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Looksmart's OPEN (Advertising) Marketplace suddenly becomes much bigger

Google's announced purchase of Invite Media (and, through it's Bid Manager), will not only allow it's existing ad buyers who do use Invite Media (eg; Publicis’s Vivaki), to continue on being able to buy inventory from multiple exchanges but it will now (in effect), be fully introducing Googles existing (huge) DoubleClick publisher base to the OPEN Marketplace. (Is exactly how I'm seeing it.)

The deal allows all other (large and small) ad buyers, those that currently have access to what is an ever growing global marketplace (such as DSPs like Turn and MediaMath - including all buyers and sellers from those listed Exchanges below, as nominated by Invite's "universal" Bid Manager buying platform), to now (safely) bid for the entire Google, publisher inventory.

< “We’re going to continue to invest significantly in improving Invite Media’s technology & products as a separate platform and, in time, make it work seamlessly with DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) ad serving product”>

<“Invite Media enables ad space to be bought across multiple exchanges and platforms, with its clients in control of where their ad dollars are spent,” explained Google. “It’s going to continue that way.” Along with Google’s AdX ad exchange, Invite works with OpenX, Yahoo’s Right Media and Microsoft’s AdECN.>

Whilst it is also said (from within the article - Google Buys DSP Invite Media‎), that there may be a problem still, my reckoning it that Google now gets to achieve that required "agnosticity" that provides for a level playing field for both advertisers and publishers across the total (Open) marketplace.

ALL open marketplace members (and, it is what I continue to maintain) that will be using the Looksmart AdCenter (platform) "inter-connector" will get to have that same "independence" (or, be always seen to be at arms length), from their own primary interest, being their very own (owned) properties or, in those they represent.

The Looksmart AdCenter platform has global scale that can susequently provide a required separation or, a much needed "Inter-operability" (and thus will provide the neutral "management"), as is required between both the 'buy and sell' sides. (In their use of API connectors). - With Looksmart's own "independence" it can then (also), get to offer a broad range of reliable analytics from across the total marketplace, too.

< ............The deal raises major questions whether Invite Media's agency clients will continue working with the company as part of Google. Publicis and Google collaborate broadly, but using technology owned by Google could make ad buyers uncomfortable, competitors have suggested.>

Harldy. As the very reason why Google have made the purchase is to avoid this. Now buyers can buy across a much broader, web-wide publisher base with full confidence.

Whilst the CEO of Turn isn't exactly coming straight out and saying that this is what Google have achieved, he is as good as saying so, here.
< "It's important to be agnostic," said Bill Demas, CEO of Turn. "We don't have any inherent conflicts being an independent player.">
< Mohan [Neal Mohan, vp of product management at Google] said Google is committed to open systems. He said Invite Media would operate as a neutral platform technology, in much the same way as agencies use DoubleClick tools to buy ads in many places.

Google plans to integrate Invite Media with its DoubleClick for Advertisers platform. Mohan emphasized that Google is committed to Invite Media retaining the ability to work across multiple ad exchanges, not just Google's.
"Our intention is for all our technologies to be as open as possible," he said. "It's a neutral platform."
Curt Hecht, head of the VivaKi Nerve Center, the Publicis Groupe unit that works with Invite Media, said he didn't think Google's ownership would be an issue so long as Invite Media operates as it has and can help it access inventory via a variety of sources.>

Then there's the current debate on the conflict of selling Data and Media. {Given Data And Media’s Decoupling, Should A Data Company Be Selling Media, Too? – Day 2 Reactions ] ...But that's another "Looksmart story" (& 'neutral' solution) that's already been "covered" within this very Looksmart InstaBlog and one that those who follow, will well understand by now.

It's all good. Yet the "market" hasn't a clue in the world. But what's new on that?


ps; An interesting "twist" (?) on "Traffic" (between partners) in recent times, too.

The above graph appears to be showing a "hand-back" of some traffic of sort? Stay tuned .....

And its been quite a while since Traffic was recorded as high as this:

Remembering (and it was pointed out at around the time) that they had "come together" under some "extreme" traffic recorded when's "" site had appeared to have taken on-board some of Looksmart's traffic?

The "story" (as was thought to be - Link), at the time:

Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too.