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It's TRUE Folks, that .... you simply can't educate mugs!

Yes..And I'll say it again Folks ..... "you simply can't educate mugs"

And it's SO OBVIOUS in a "dumbed down" Society, that the US (and also, here in Australia) exemplifies, in today's sad world.

A world where 'Market Makers' are permitted to continue to "paint pictures" and the "mugs" will fall for it, almost ALL the time. (Just ask the disgraced Bernie Madoff, a former past president and was a huge "Market Maker" on the Nasdaq Exchange)

Here's what the Nasdaq Exchange is showing for LOOK coming into today's close.

 1.59     0.08    - 4.79%

Now let's have a 'gander' at the last 3868 shares (supposedly) traded on this Exchange, as is shown here. (Representing over 13% of the total share volume shown to have been traded, on the day)

NLS Time (NYSE:ET)      NLS Price      NLS Share Volume
15:54:57      $ 1.64      100
15:54:47      $ 1.59    1,000
15:54:47      $ 1.59      834

15:54:46      $ 1.60      500
15:54:46      $ 1.63      100
15:54:46      $ 1.63      200
15:44:27      $ 1.65      100
15:19:51      $ 1.61      600
15:19:46      $ 1.61      334

15:09:07      $ 1.62      100

Note that from the "100" @ 15:09:07 up until the "500" (15:54:46) there are a total of 1834 shares (supposedly traded), during this period.

Then, 1/100'th of a second later (@15:54:47) these same 1834 shares are then "covered", and (in doing so) have effectively 'driven down' the share-price value, to the stated last sale of $1.59. "Painting pictures"?

Yes, and after working in and around horse racing (here in Australia and in observing a lot about price-market movements for some 40 years or, more), I've learned that it's true, in that ... "you simply can't educate mugs"


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too.