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Data, Data .... Data: is "The New Media"

Well, according to Meir Zohar (the CEO and founder of eXelate,the world's first exchange for targeting data), it is. - - - And he has written reason enough as to why, in what is an interesting blog-post today, at MediaPost.

Zohar says that he has ... 'a belief that in the online world, data is now the new media, and that publishers, advertisers and the rest of the players in the online advertising eco-system need to recognize this and treat data the way they treat its handling with the same care as media'. He goes on to say: 

Today, leading publishers sell their premium media directly through their own sales force, and then work with networks and exchanges to sell the rest. Well why isn't data treated the same way?

Publishers, who are sitting on a treasure trove of data culled via reader opt-ins, can monetize their premium data directly by creating a private data marketplace administered through their internal sales team. This is high quality, privacy-safe data, which advertisers and agencies will be very interested in accessing, to optimize their campaign performance.

Totally transparent and fully independent Data will or, should prove most attractive when 'mined' from within the secondary marketplace (and one), that Looksmart would appear to have the necessary scale to get to provide 'inter-operability' between Exchanges, in time. 

The referred to "rest" (by Meir Zohar - publisher inventory sold through the Exchanges) will I'm sure, then be much more meaningful, than it is currently being.

In a previous post of mine I had opined, that:

< It is my opinion that with the appointment of an Analytics Scientist (in Vincent Granville - see Link below), Looksmart should soon be in a position to provide an "across the broad marketplace" ("neutral"), kind of unique data that will not only be consistant but will prove to be both accurate and much more easily understood by marketers.>

In fact, I've made a number of posts relating to Richard Granville's appointment.

And with recent 'growth' in Traffic to the home of Looksmart's AdCenter (well, part of it, at least? - , it would appear that the announced "partner of significance" is now being well and truly integrated into the AdCenter marketplace. I think that it's Microsoft, who (with helped build AdCenter, according to Looksmart.

From the MediaPost article, there is the suggestion that:

< The data which isn't sold directly via the marketplace can then be sold via a targeting exchange, enabling the publisher to increase ad revenue in a privacy-friendly manner. The questions regarding channel conflict, brand degradation and transparency are therefore attacked head-on. I believe this will not just slice the data (and media) pie into different slices, but will make the pie bigger altogether as bigger brands feel more comfortable controlling their own data destiny. >

I'd reckon ALL Exchanges (that are already or, will eventually get to be "inter-connected")  could get to offer that (blind, but still very), 'juicy part of the advertising pie' and that it may well be a part of their standard (and most attractive) offering, too?

With publishers (then - I'm assuming) having every reason to embrace the (Exchange's) 'secondary/remnant marketplace', I guess that it's over to Vincent Granville and his team, now.

Just an opinion, as always.

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