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Why Online Advertising Should Be Regulated

I've even 'stolen' the head-line of an article by Auren Hoffman, CEO of Rapleaf (a Co, that for people, they say can help you find out what is available about yourself online & manage your online reputation) - Auren Hoffman puts forward a lot of (and good enough) reason for regulated guidlines for readers over at AdExchanger.

< Absent legislation, some advertisers may try to out-compete others by using practices that work against the long term interests of the ecosystem.

Over time, these practices erode the foundation for exciting industry changes, increased use of online services by consumers, and brands’ adoption of advertising technology.>

< ......While some pieces of the draft legislation [that has been put together by Congressman Boucher] need to be changed, the spirit of the bill is a good one: clarify the rules and make online advertising safer for consumers, content, and brands.

Clear federal guidelines are what we need to realize the full potential of our industry.>

It's well worth the read: Why Online Advertising Should Be Regulated

I've had lots to say of "BT" and agree that there is a strong need for some regulation.

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