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Looksmart's "INTEROPERABILITY" across (both) the Premium AND the Remnant Ad Marketplace?

As a 'follow-on' from my last InstaPost, a linked interview type article from Adotas (with the CEO and Dean Donaldson- the director of digital experience for MediaMinds), may just shead a little more 'light' on what could lie ahead, in the ....... 'Life of Looksmart'.

I had mentioned the following (as a thought - myself), in that previous post here:

< ........Whilst there is NO DOUBT (at all, in my own reckoning) that Looksmart have the "interoperability" (a management role) of the "secondary" (global) marketplace (ecosystem), I'm not so sure that after MSN get their full investment (their capital injection back from huge help, in the developing of AdCenter - acquiring the RAPT Co, for starters), that Looksmart cannot (and eventually?) get to one day (also), provide the over-all neutral interoperability or, a [that same] neutral "management" of the premium level (inter-Exchanges), of an advertiser/publisher (global) marketplace. >

...In regards to that 'one-stop-shop' aspect of MediaMind, 'Donaldson argues that agencies need a consolidated viewpoint. MediaMind aims to be a hub for campaign management, a nervous center that links to all the channels of the digital space, aiming to establish connections wherever consumers may be — via targeted, mobile, social media, etc' (The article advises)

.................MediaMind do have a strong relationship with MSN (it's clear) and for Agencies, the important fields of 'analytics, workflow tools and optimization', become part of that "complete offering" with Gal Trifon, MediaMind CEO and cofounder, saying within the Adotas article:

< “These are things that never existed offline — every dollar that moves online is suddenly so much more opportunistic…... With all these opportunities our clients are interested in — whether it’s exchange buys, creative optimization, emerging media on mobile and tablets — we always come up with a way to incorporate that into the framework of the platform.”>

< In particular, agency clients are excited about the potential behind buying audiences, optimizing and creating efficiency in their media buys. Donaldson notes the trend is already in action — Chanel did takeovers on the Microsoft Network last year.>

Back to "interoperability" (and, in both marketplaces, for a Looksmart AdCenter management platform as I have previously suggested), the MediaMind CEO almost talks of that need for an eventual opportunity to "target" audiences across the web.

< However, such [secondary or, remnant marketplace?] targeting shouldn’t be a separate objective from premium medium buys but an extension.

They need to sit together,” Trifon comments. “If you do separate remnant and lower-quality inventory buys, you don’t know how to connect your users with the destinations you use on the premium side of the equation…. Running them side-by-side creates efficiency and establishes comfort in terms of audience.”>

< MediaMind allows clients to execute audience targeting campaigns through agencies’ internal DSPs and facilitate agreements with exchanges to increase frequency. “Our vision for the future is that our platform provides its own targeting tools as well as open APIs for clients to choose whichever solutions they want,” Trifon adds.>

All very interesting & almost 'pre-empts' my own expressed 'thoughts' somewhat.

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