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Call Looksmart's Investor Relations and talk with John Mills?

 michbob2533's post to me (on Yahoo Finance) is reason enough for concern (I do feel) and I have copied and pasted it below here (in full), along with my very own reply to this poster, a person who is not known to me.

Michelle [
michbob2533, who recently sold], writes of her opinion and concerns about Looksmart :

< Ross, I wish the best for you also in your investments.. One thing I would advise you to do is call John Mills from ICR not from LOOKSmart. I worked for MSCO for 11 yrs on esop's..

Never once have I heard an IR contact not from it's own company. Also I have recently talked to John and let me tell you he has no faith in this company by our conversation.. I would like you to ask him, why is this company trading less then cash and how do you feel about management.

Also he has said that many of the funds have asked the same question I have and that how could this company expect the public to believe in this company when there has not been one positive pr out from them......The last filing out on June 17 was actually looked upon as a negative pr...

He also told me that was something he was going to talk to the management about putting positive pr's out.. This ceo is a joke ross. He's a guy that probably can run your avg mom and pop gig.. Not a publicly run company.. Ross I honestly wish the best for you and your family for we all invest in this mkt to make money. I will be back in this stock the second I see a change.. One last thing I did not just own 1000 shrs...

Re: Management is an absolute disgrace...

My reply:

1stly Michelle,  I appreciate your concern but wonder as to why you failed to reply to my (own), previous post to you? It was made (the reply, I made to you), following your own post, advising the board that you had sold your shares. In your post you had described LOOK as a great company, and my own (the following) questions, were surely not unreasonable (?), I feel.

"Although you have sold yesterday, would you be prepared to tell the board here, why you think this is a great Co?

.......Tell all, why you feel that the CEO has said (or, hinted at the possibility), the Co could be profitable this quarter? Tell the board what you feel the Co is about and it's objectives, going forward? Thanks

Your own (this linked) post, that prompted my (above), reply:

Re: Management is an absolute disgrace...
I think this is a great company w/ bad management.. Tons of potential.. Buttt.... Management always tells the story.. Not one insider purchase while the stock trades below cash.. No buyback... Not one pr...

But back to your original (today's, the latest) post directed at me and your mention that I should contact John Mills. (A Senior Managing Director from ICR - Looksmart's appointed Investor Relations).

My reply to you continues (in part), as follows:

I was wondering if this is the 'same' John Mills who has failed to reply to my past three E Mail contacts, that I have made to him? And you want me to ring him?

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thu, Mar 18, 2010 9:08 am

Subject: I may have missed your reply?

Hi John....

I may have missed your reply?

Any progress?


-----Original Message-----
Sent: Tue, Mar 16, 2010 9:04 am

Subject: Fwd: Can you possibly help here please, John Mills?

Hey John?
You were going to get back to me? And STILL no news from Mellon Investor?

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Fri, Mar 12, 2010 3:17 pm

Subject: Can you possibly help here please, John Mills?
Hi John Mills ....

As a shareholder of some 8 years or, so I seem to be getting little more that 'the run around' from the Looksmart share registrar, Mellon Investor.

I have copied the "thread" (to date - and under their own reply - dated March 5th) FYI.

Thanks for your help John.

-----Original Message-----
To: XXX/
Sent: Fri, Mar 5, 2010 12:35 am
Subject: Email Confirmation from EWM
Dear Shareholder,

Thank you for your recent E-mail message. After a thorough investigation, we will respond via U.S. mail or email.


Michbob2533, my concern (with both the share registrar of Looksmart - Mellon and John Mills, of ICR), is that no one at all (& after umteen contacts made by me) would appear to be the least bit bothered, in regards to a problem I'm having, with Mellon. Part of which is centered around the following note sent to Mellon in one of my many, many E Mail contacts I have made to them, and in spite of the fact that this 'matter' has now dragged out, for well over 12 months now..

Attached Message
From: Ross XXXX <>
Subject: Fw: Notification of change of address
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 07:49:17 +0800

Hi again to Investor Relations....

Thank you for your confirmation of your receipt of my "change of address" advice, that I had sent to you. I am somewhat surprised about the following, that was contained in your reply.


Thank you for your inquiry requesting information for this account.

For security purposes, we are unable to furnish the requested information via email.. Additionally, we were unable to locate the account in question with the information provided... Please resubmit your request in writing along with the following: a copy of a recent statement, the investor identification number on the account, the full account registration, the company name, and your current mailing address.


This I have done so, with zero success in resolving a couple of issues to date. And you want me to contact (ring) John Mills of ICR? (If only to re-confirm, the same as what you say you have been 'told', by him?)

We live in interesting times michbob2533, we certainly do.

LC (Ross)

ps; It very much appears that my (much) posted "thoughts" may well have upset more than just a few, in a number of areas. How sad.

Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so