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Alhamdulillah!.. I Yelled To My Own God - As I Was Ever So Thankful!

Does it get any better than this, I ask? ? Up late- and now early on a Monday morning - here in OZ..Still putting "two and two" together, when the following "Tweet" caught my eye!


sara livingston ‏@saralivingston

Remain absolutely shocked he divulged this much information (ESP exact ROI) in an interview


Alhamdulillah! (I yelled to my own God.) And I do feel I've everything to be thankful for too! The strong advice about or that's supporting my own assumptions re; an existing Facebook/Looksmart 'connect'!

From within a great (honest and so very 'down to earth') interview over at Didgyday, Nate Luman -- the Facebook marketing lead at Zappos ( - who are owned by Amazon) virtually tells it all, I feel! (Full interview in Sara's above link)

How Zappos Makes $3.50 Per $1 Spent on Facebook Ads

Giselle Abramovich 06.28.2012

< You know Facebook's getting big with marketers when it shows up in specific job titles.At online retailer Zappos Nate Luman is the Facebook marketing lead. That means he's in charge of devising strategies for the brand to take advantage of the huge audience there- & deliver the kind of ROI that some marketers claim is missing from the social behemoth. The key, Luman said, is constant testing. >

Some great questions were 'put' and equally good answers given, in return. I copied the very last question below here. LOOK Shareholders needn't wonder exactly what I feel this means- as it virtually speaks for itself, I'm sure.

...........And, Here's THAT Last Question And Answer.

Do Facebook ads work well?

Facebook ads work for us. We've spent about $10 million over the past two years at about a 3.5:1 ROI. About 99 percent of that spend has gone toward direct-response ads driving traffic to

......If we were to look at Facebook ads on their own, a 3.5 ROI is not sustainable and is well below our overall direct-marketing program's ROI expectations. But when we consider where Facebook ads fall in the sales funnel and compare them to similar marketing efforts (mainly category-head search terms), they deliver similar performance, fuel other channels ([THEY] drive long-tail search & comparison-shopping queries), and are one of our best marketing channels for driving new customers.

Yes .... [THEY] drive long-tail search queries...

Always, only an opinion.


ps; "If you visit Zappos, advertisements for the sneakers you looked at will sometimes follow you around the web. Romney's campaign was sending me a "donate" button instead."

"When I clicked on the blue triangle on one of the Romney ads, a message popped up saying that a company called ShareThis had "determined that you might be interested in an ad like this." The ad had been "selected for you based on your browsing activity."

Full Story (@ Salon)

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