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Aaron Wall says (that) - "Google Continues To Consume The Online Ecosystem"‎

I'm a fan of Aaron Wall the author of SEO Book, who is so 'upfront' and (I feel), completely honest in all that he writes. I always enjoy his POV on anything he offers about the seach advertising industry.

Today's excellent Aaron Wall article (Google Continues To Consume The Online Ecosystem- on, is no exception.

Continues To Consume The Online Ecosystem

Google Continues To Consume The Online Ecosystem
(I've used his - Aaron's own illustration, above here.)

Aaron says (of Google), he feels that:

They might prefer to use different labels (so as to minimize fear in the marketplace & slow down regulators), and they might claim that aggregate statistics control the investments & thus they are not really publishers, but they plan on skimming a big piece off of the top of many big markets.

The article points out the very reason (I feel) as to why Google has 'shelled out' some $70M (or, more?) for it's purchase of Invite Media, a bidding exchange for display advertising.

Sooner (than later) Google will be 'found out' & be forced to revert to a (well planned) independently operated "Invite" Exchange operating in a 'fairer to all' global marketplace or, they will risk losing many advertisers resulting from this obvious "conflict of interest" that Aaron Wall alludes to in his excellent article.

The (uniquely independent) award winning Looksmart AdCenter platform forms the basis of the Looksmart advertising/publisher (global) marketplace.

Looksmart recently told all (who have read the Co's early May, current report) that it's massively scaled AdCenter (management - platform,  "developed"  over years in co-operation with MSN & was then (at that time), doing some 2 BILLION queries a day !!! And traffic to has on average (almost) doubled, since then.

It is my opinion that (both) Microsoft and Yahoo (besides Google - through it's Invite Media purchase) and others like existing known Looksmart partners in Facebook and will soon, ALL get to use the "unique" independence of the Looksmart solution for (both) advertisers and publishers, that it can then provide for them. (This has taken a long "time" to put together globally, plenty of time, in fact.)

To become an 'interoperability' provider between all advertiser and publisher Exchanges and DSP's or, that 'final' (defining) auction place and in doing so, garnering micro payments per impressions (as) "managed" plus a small percentage of paid clicks recorded and will provide what then gets to become a totally transparent (and equal to all - across the total marketplace) analytical data, to all players or, participants. (Subsequently lowering costs to all parties - thus providing a bigger 'slice' then, for publishers). Although advertisers (It's clear) will still get to 'target' sites and or, can go directly to a chosen site, they may need to (also) 'compete' with those 'blind' marketplace bids, whilst doing so.

This will then allow (all 'players') that 'equal footing' in a one big marketplace with both advertisers and publishers getting a (so) much more fairer deal, as a result.

Publishers will generally see bids rise where advertisers get the option to 'blindly' target individual 'user' demographics, in following them to the many sites they may visit across the entire marketplace.

Bids for (individual) sought after segments of users or, content will then get to all be on a totally 'blind' basis, no matter where a targeted 'user' may land on pages of sites relating to those that are members (via ad networks, and 'inter-connected' through Exchanges), of this coming web's (ultimate), global advertising ecosystem.

ALL - In my opinion, only.

Meanwhile, my reply to that "slug" (Mikey Mora) over on the Yahoo LOOK board is posted in full below, as Yahoo's CENSORSHIP (of it), is highly likely. (Read of this, in my Phillip R.Davis, previous post)

Bearing in mind (like many who post here and on Yahoo Finance), mine are just an opinion or, my 'thoughts' only.

Mikey had posted:

#... Global means something to the global advertisers, not isolated third tier self serve ad platform operators....##

My reply: I've got more news for you Mikey and it so obviously relates to this quarter and the increase in global advertising queries ("managed" by AdCenter), that had already DOUBLED from ONE BILLION per day, prior to this announced reality, in the "Current Report", early May.

You had recently laughed in a post (reply to Tex) in regards to "bid4keywords", I recall.

My post on SA tells it all. (May 19th)

"As an affiliate that uses PPC I have noticed that companies such as LookSmart and Bid4Keywords are a highly effective alternative to Google and Yahoo....... For example, I have seen some success using LinkShare offers and LookSmart advertising together."

Mikey - LinkShare is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rakuten, Inc. (Japan)

LinkShare offer: Geographic location (city, county, postcode or country)

Oh yeah? (Just whose private-labeled platform, could that be?)

Now check who is "doing business" with China's Baidu... (Link provided)

January 27, 2010 "Expansion into E-Commerce Business in China under a JV between Rakuten and Baidu"


J.P. Morgan Analyst Dick Wei, based in China says:

< "We expect Baidu to maintain leading market share in China, with an increase in monetization driven by Phoenix Nest monetization system and an increased customer base through large-scale marketing campaigns," he wrote in a research note published Friday.

U.S.-based clients buy paid search ads on engines supporting the Chinese market. San Diego-based Covario supports U.S. clients that buy ads running on Phoenix Nest, which search experts say operates and performs similar to Google's paid search platform. That similarity has attracted search marketers to Baidu from Google as the U.S. search engine began to make changes in its operating structure in China.

"Sometimes the Baidu platform gets higher performance rates in China," says Gary Ware, director of media operations at Covario, a search agency managing millions of dollars for advertisers. "CPCs on Baidu have jumped up slightly, but not much.>

And how about Mikey's (and the tool's) following comment (or, was it a promised threat being made?), as is shown within that above SA Link?

< Lossie the lassie
Expect soon to lose your Instablog....>

Just how audacious, can this fool be?

Again Mikey .... Best that you, "Watch and learn", ok?

Re: Quarter-Trillion Dollars Of TV & Online Ad Spend In 2015

LOOK: (Dragged down on low volume) 3:54PM EDT: $1.44  Down 0.11 (-7.10%)


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too...