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Looksmart's future and ...... "Why Real-Time Bidding Wins"

Zach Coelius, CEO of Triggit, an online advertising technology company writes a great article today, explaining to all the very (many) reasons as to [Why Real-Time Bidding Wins], over at

(Does Zach 'run' AdExchanger, one wonders?)  :)

From within that (my) InstaBlog post (of yesterday), I had offered the advice that:

< ....."The [Aaron Wall] article points out the very reason (I feel), as to why Google has 'shelled out' some $70M (or, more?) for it's purchase of Invite Media, a bidding exchange for display advertising.

.....Sooner (than later) Google will be 'found out' and then be forced to revert to a (well planned) independently operated "Invite" Exchange operating in a 'fairer to all' global marketplace.

.......Or, they will risk losing many advertisers resulting from this obvious "conflict of interest" that Aaron Wall alludes to in his excellent article.">

This has now been 'rubber stamped' (or, fully endorsed) by Zach Coelius, the CEO of Triggit (a Co who happen to do some 15 BILLION impressions DAILY - would you believe?), in his very own column on AdExchanger today. Zach must surely read my Blog, Mikey Mora? :)

Mr Coelius says today:

< ..Now that Google has bought Invite Media and publicly stated that the purchase was all about real time bidding (RTB), the market seems to have woken up to the fact RTB is not hype and it is here to stay.

.....The early claims that RTB wasn’t real, then that it was too expensive, then too small, and then too dangerous for publishers have been proven wrong. Yet, the positive reasons for why RTB is winning have never been well defined. So here goes.>

You can read it ALL (and a very informative article), in this link provided here.

I myself wrote (and, in regards to publishers doing better under Looksmart's AdCenter management), that:

<....."This will then allow (all 'players') that 'equal footing' in a one big marketplace with both advertisers and publishers getting a (so) much more fairer deal, as a result.">

Zach Coelius (on this very point), says today:

<....."The most important reason why RTB wins is that it makes publishers more money.">

Zach also talks of my very point made on a Looksmart (and from across the total marketplace, too) provision of a "uniform" and totally transparent analytics, and one that will again help lower costs and bump up publisher returns.

He says:

< "The third reason why RTB raises prices is that it is significantly more efficient for media buyers.

Using status quo media buying methods, over a third of an advertiser’s funds for display media are wasted sending out RFPs, IOs, trafficking tags, compiling disparate reports, de-duplicating attribution and managing campaigns with manual, tedious, and wasteful processes.

That is money that could and should have gone to publishers as media spend.">

It may just come as a surprise to some when I say that AdCenter (that, as we now know - was "developed" in 'co-hoots' with MSN and ASK), may well be currently being 'licensed' to Triggit directly from MSN. As may be the case with many other 'users', like DSP's, etc. (With the bulk of respective revenues for that 15 BILLION DAILY IMPRESSIONS - certainly in the case of Triggit, then going directly back to Microsoft, in a form of 'development' cost payment. - And ASK? Well, they (it would seem?) are mostly ALWAYS "late" in paying their account, so make your own mind up with them.

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ps; If I was to 'has it a guess' (at this stage) Triggit may well 'be the pea' to get the premium placement "management" role, with Looksmart being an almost 'certain' secondary marketplace (management) appointment.

Disclosure: Long LOOK and so happy to be so, too....