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Looksmart And AdSafe - A "Marriage Made In Heaven"?

There is no rumor of a get-together of these two companies, so I thought that I should start one, myself.

Looksmart (in this recent advertisement for a Lead Java Developer, located in Canada) describes as having 'a complex, globally-distributed advertising system capable of handling tens of billions of requests per day'

< ...LookSmart, an online advertising company, is looking for a talented and experienced senior developer to take on the technical leadership of the development team that'll deliver a complex globally-distributed advertising system capable of handling tens of billions of requests per day.- >

In view of a likely Looksmart 'hook-up' with "Chango" (my own feeling) and that this same company also has a partnership with AdSafe Media (see in this blog-post), there's another story today that now becomes of certain interest. (One of AdSafe's CEO Scott Knoll telling us that his Co hired former PulsePoint CFO Kristin Leary- to become AdSafe's new SVP of finance.)

As the AdExchanger article points out - - that Leary is charged with helping manage Knoll's plans to expand the company's services and international reach through acquisitions. -

..."We're still formulating the M&A strategy, but we're interested in companies that have data that is unique in the marketplace, be it in the U.S. or elsewhere," Knoll told AdExchanger.

Story: AdSafe Preps For M&A Activity, Tackling 'Impression-Fraud'

This Co would be such an ideal 'merge' with an independent Looksmart, and one that could be purely based on a (Looksmart) share exchange, only. Scott Knoll (with an impressive background) would become the 'ideal' CEO for any such merge, I feel. -

AdSafe (described as 'agnostic') is one impressive and 'solid' company, make no mistake about that ...They also champion the importance of "viewable impressions" - a position I am very much in complete favour of myself. -

In early April, 2012 AdSafe raised $10M to ensure that ads go on "safe" web pages | VentureBeat.

Launched in May 2009 AdSafe raised $7.25 Million in Series B funding & it was back on July 7, 2010 when Brian Lesser, SVP General Manager at WPP's Media Innovation Group (that's AKQA Media, Xaxis [GroupM's demand-side digital ad buying platform of], WPP), had said:

"Advertisers and agencies are eager to engage more fully in the digital display space, but they demand both brand safety and ad placement transparency.......Brand safety solutions like AdSafe help alleviate many of these concerns - - that may have caused hesitation when buying display."

AdSafe (HQ-ed in New York City with operations in San Francisco and London) has some very impressive Partners:

Always, only an opinion.


ps; "Do I want the same party that I'm buying media from also doing the verification on that same media," Nitti said. That questions presents an opportunity for DoubleVerify and company, depending on whether Google's capability can match theirs.

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