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Looksmart to spice up Internet Ad Networks (heating them) to a FEVER pitch?

Well, anything is possible these days?

There has been the odd mention in the past (from Looksmart) of an acquisition or, two to be considered or, even made (from within the Co's CC's), but there hasn't been much of this type talk had (of late), that I can recall.

Feeva is said to be reminiscent of the hit song from the past [Peggy Lee: Fever!] with (according to the Co's CEO in today's AdExchanger interview) "the 'idea of spice-ing up Internet [Ad] networks" with a new ingredient [from Feeva], that heats them to a fever pitch.

If this Co lives up to it's claims, then "Feeva" would surely (?) be 'complimentary' to (add to) the Looksmart AdCenter platform, as a further (or, an additional) offering for advertisers.

Feeva (who say they provide an innovative technology platform for connecting communities to content on any Internet device), is already under the watchful eye of Microsoft. [Feeva Selected to Join Microsoft BizSpark One Program – February 23rd, 2010]

< Feeva's real-time market segmentation service delivers audience intelligence to enable brand and local advertisers to accurately deliver relevant marketing campaigns to their intended audiences.

Broadband and mobile service providers benefit through new revenue streams, while consumers benefit from greater control of their privacy on the Internet, with no risk of their information or Web behavior being tracked or monitored.

The Microsoft BizSpark One program will help assure Feeva's content and advertising customers that our solution is based on the best in class technology platforms, and provide our service provider partners the reliability and performance that they expect from Feeva.

"Scale and performance combined with data security and reliability are critical success factors for our customer and partners," said Nitin J. Shah, Chief Executive Officer of Feeva.>

Feeva say (on it's website) that 'it has developed a solution to enhance the performance of digital marketing campaigns while maintaining the highest standards of consumer privacy'.

And it's the area of consumer privacy that Nitin Shah (the Feeva CEO) raises a concern or, two of when he states, that .... 'cookie deletion rates [are] rising well above 30% and [with the possibility of] privacy legislation looming', is reason enough why I feel that it would (surely?) make Feeva an ideal (and an alternate? - insurance type?) addition to Looksmart's existing "box of tricks"?

No doubt Microsoft's (final) evaluation (of Feeva), would have a strong impact on any such acquisition consideration or, a purchase deal to be made (of Feeva), by Looksmart.

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(Just thinking out loud)


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