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Looksmart's Own "Groundhog Day", Surely Was Today....

If ever there was to be a "Groundhog Day" for Looksmart, today was that day. - The Co has failed to trade even ONE share, all day.

And on the very day when both Google and Microsoft have reported their respective quarterly earnings, this insignificant (?) company has (once again), been 'left on the shelf'.

But not for much longer, is my bold prediction.

In a trilogy of short posts (short? - is it possible, for me?), I've made it clear, that at least one report, is aligned with all that I have stood for, over the past number of years. They are, as follows:

A - Danny Sullivan...

B - Re: Danny Sullivan...

C - Re: Danny Sullivan...

D - Today heralds (and, it's so clear to me), that the 'tide has turned'.

Is only, my own opinion as always.

LOOK: On Jul 18: $ 0.91 0.00 (0.00%)


Disclosure: Long LOOK and so happy for "Groundhog Day", today!