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Yahoo-Microsoft Search Alliance "merge", late August?

WebProNews (from within an article posted today - The Search Market Isn't Always What it Seems to Be), advise all to:

< Let's not forget the big Yahoo-Microsoft Search Alliance, which will effectively mash Yahoo's and Bing's share of search together, complete with adCenter ads. This is set to go down any day now (late August). >


Much has been posted on analytics in previous Instablogs (here at SA) and in appreciating the fact that Microsoft have now discarded it's own analytics for it's adCenter (see Link within that, as provided, below) it would be wrong to feel that they (Microsoft) would then have to rely (only), on Yahoo to provide it's own Atlas Solutions advertisers with any such, [a] Yahoo version.

Yahoo ('vis-a-vis' Microsoft), must also provide all of it's Right Media Exchange advertisers with full transparency on this matter, relating to all involved with both the (Jumbo) partner's, many sites.

Looksmart's appointment of a Scientist (and the foremost analytics 'genius') in Vincent Granville (I feel), is about providing the very best (and a consistant - being an 'equal to all' those who get to buy and sell in Looksmart's own fully transparent global advertising marketplace), brand of analytics & from across the total (that's the entire Looksmart AdCenter 'management') platform.

Stay "tuned" as this fascinating prospect (especially for Looksmart shareholders), gets to slowly unfolds....

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Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too...