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IDG Tech Media Exchange Joins Looksmart's Open CPA Marketplace?

Well it certainly appears they have done so. And access for performance advertisers of Looksmart's CPA kind to the IDG Tech Media Exchange (that oversees roughly 500 sites) may well have been provided with that 'reach' - by coming in through Collective Media's AMP platform.

From within the AdExchanger interview today, we are told:

< The IDG TechNetwork is pulling the curtain off its new data management platform (DMP) today...>

< AdExchanger: What's the new DMP called?

PETER LONGO (CEO of IDG): "It's called IDG Data Services & we're working with a third party to do that... We're not ready to announce that third party provider.">

The 'clue' was provided in the following 'Tweet' @ Twitter.

Paul Silver ‏@thepaulsilver [ExchangeWire]

IDG roll out a new DMP but won't disclose who it is...I just checked... AMP (Collective) appears on every site of theirs...

It is all so encouraging. Especially in learning that CPA type advertisers using Looksmart's solution can all-equally compete on a best bid wins basis for their targeted user impressions-appearing across all publisher inventory contained within it's quickly growing global marketplace.

In the article, IDG's CEO makes this important point, with:

< "Many media companies reserve their direct‑sold inventory for themselves, and then whatever is left over goes onto the exchange.
At our Tech Media Exchange, the direct‑sold campaigns and exchange‑based campaigns, RTB‑based programs, all compete side‑by‑side.

When an advertiser comes in for a private ad slot in the Tech Media Exchange, we'll give that marketer a first look at all our inventory. Clients are not getting a first look, they're not getting a first look after anything else. That's the value of our private ad slot. There's bidding right alongside all of our direct‑sold or our IO‑based business at the same time.">

That global publishers of note will similarly be making their inventory available to Looksmart's (CPA) performance marketplace-is a forgone conclusion, I feel.

Looksmart's CEO had as good as advised all of this being the case (during the CC, immediately following the Q1 2011 Report), in saying:

"It has positioned us as quite an interesting partner for all the Yahoo Partners and the World [advertiser solutions] Partners in helping them deliver to Yahoo and Google - - and that is really part of how we're looking at our business going forward."

This advice is contained in my instapost (Jun 23, 2011), where I also make mention of AMP Collective and that Google's advertisers too, have direct access to the IDG Tech Media Exchange --with it also being a client of Google's sell-side platform Admeld.

Patience is all that's needed for Looksmart's 'battered and bruised' shareholders. But all this is only my own opinion. I mean, the 'market' will tell you other-wise, no?

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