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Japans online ad market projected to grow to more than $10 billion by 2014

AdExchanger (today), tells of the news that OpenX Exchange Targets Japan With Dentsu, a move that follows-on from a previous deal made by OpenX with Orange, some time back.

Much has been posted of OpenX and the premier role it will play within the global marketplace.

Of the (OpenX-Dentsu) partnership, from within a "ClickZ" article it's even been suggested [read coverage from ClickZ'z Adaline Lau] that no independent ad exchange provider has yet entered the Japanese market, but I'm not so sure.

There is the possibility that Rakuten (LinkShare - - that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rakuten, Inc), may well have 'jumped the gun' (on them), in Japan

I'm not going to 'long hand' the "whys and wherefores" of whose platform is or, may be being used, who has built what & that there is the need for an independent kind of 'uniformity' to bring them all "inter-operating" together (one day), in the not too distant future. So....

By now, readers will have made their own minds up on the phoesability of this (my own), point of view.

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ps; Percentage GROWTH of global Internet users who have made a visit to the home of AdCenter @ over the past (Q3 Period), three months.

pps; April, 2011- On Dentsu, it's interesting to note that they're making deeper moves relating to RTB, etc ...

"On the product news front, IgnitionOne (owned by Dentsu), today also said [you can Read the release] it has developed a dashboard that gives marketers a centralized way to manage paid search, display & Facebook ad campaigns. - - And, they're hiring 75 more employees! Read more in ClickZ.

Read more on Dentsu -

ppps; Added August 15th 2011 - As Digital-Ad Techniques Proliferate, Specialists Aim to

"Digital-ad shop IgnitionOne, a unit of Dentsu Inc., is rolling out a service that lets marketers buy, measure and boost the performance of ads that appear on search engines, along the border of a Web page and on social-networking site Facebook."

Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too ....