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BuzzMachine's Jeff Jarvis (Kirby Winfield) Et Al - Have No Doubt Got It Right!!

"If they can't defeat you in an argument or in the court of public opinion they will seek to censor you. And [yet] another one of their tactics is to personally attack, mock and ridicule those who disagree with them." - Knight Telekinetic

It's important to get right to the point here:

I think there is an incredible story that's close to breaking big time. It will support my own 'long held' view of the kind of Censorship that is now going on, on Social Sites like Facebook and Twitter ....

The following is a "conversation" (in full) between myself and a "friend" over on Facebook today. (I'll let readers here be the 'judge'....)

    • Heather Quarry It ain't gonna get any better either :(
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    • Ross Bradley
      Heather ...It is starting to get some (independent) journalist's attention ...(Hold the phone, Mate!!)

      A minor break-through started a few day back (and in this regard) I posted the following, on Yahoo Finance.

      It's a "tweet" on Twitter in a reply (from Kirby Winfield to Ari Paparo - two high ranking, respected industry persons) that first 'leaked' the distrust in advertising on the web, that is now coming to light:


      I posted, that: Yes ...You can fool some of the people some of the time, a lot of people most of the time, but NOT all the people (especially those spending the dollars), ANY of the time!

      Just saying.....

      Kirby Winfield @kirbywinfield

      "Everyone feels like they're being screwed, basically." - @aripap on the state of programmatic buying and RTB #mpomma

      Worse still, is the slow realisation of a few of these industry experts that (even worse), audiences are being 'blocked' from certain published content.

      This is BIG news, if it 'breaks' big. I'm not so sure that it will though. Again, a topic I've had grave concerns about for a few years now.

      Jeff Jarvis is a respected independent journalist with a huge following and (at times), writes about controversial matters. I have no doubt they will 'gag' him shortly.

      Twitter banned a person for revealing a 'work' E Mail address at NBC, who are the US's official Olympic Games TV broadcasting channel. He had simply urged followers to complain about the delayed service. They [NBC] are delivering apprx. 5 hours late to the US viewers, so as to capture prime time audiences.

      NBC had asked Twitter to 'act' on it's behalf.

      It would appear now, that Social sites (like Twitter and Facebook) have already now taken control of content distribution. Note his own (the) mention of that word "revolution".....

      Jeff Jarvis @jeffjarvis

      If we cannot rely on Twitter for fucking Olympic fluff, can we rely on Twitter for real news & real revolutions? #twitterfail #nbcfail
      Heather .....I am looking for more on this such a critical development, to write my own (today's) blog post on or, about this issue.... Freedom of speech in publishing your thoughts? Hardly!!!! (Is my opinion.)

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    • Heather Quarry I always like seeing your posts Ross, they are very informative
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    • Ross Bradley Thanks Heather ...There is a lot in the above (some 'history' of my own 'gagging', by these industry bullies), with stuff that kind of 'tells the story' of what is evolving ...I suspect they (these independent journalists), will be quickly gagged... :(
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    • Heather Quarry yeah I imagine the gags will come out pretty fast Ross. They always seem to when things need to be said :(
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    • Ross Bradley The article on advertising: (80% of clicks, falsely generated??)

      Is Facebook's Ad Model a Scam? « naked capitalism
      Commentary on current economic and financial news.

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    • Heather Quarry WOW ... interesting aye. They say it's a bot's world but bloody hell.
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    • Ross Bradley It is so sad, Heather. It's my interest of a passion that I hold. I've often warned them of the need to be totally transparent or, lose the confidence of those who spend the dollars on advertising. They are fools!!

      (And I have fought a lone battle for a good number of years now) :(
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It's nothing that I haven't suspected for quite some time now. But it may well be even worse than people can imagine. ALL, just an opinion.

The FB thread:

LOOK: At 3:04PM EDT: $ 0.90 0.00 (0.00%)




now Jeff Jarvis Jeff Jarvis ‏@jeffjarvis

If we cannot rely on Twitter to protect our free speech, then it is no platform at all. #twitterfail #nbcfail. Prove me wrong, please.

pps; The 'Pot calling the kettle, BLACK'?

Yet..SEL CENSORS too! (And,still does). So, where's my comment?

Disclosure: Long LOOK but feeling a little sad....