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Looksmart's global marketplace - Evolutionary Or Revolutionary?

Many "self-serve" platforms (such as WFM's "AdSlot Direct") will ALL need to be 'independently' (and it's coming, one day soon),  inter-connected in 'real-time' on a global basis (from both ends), to [then] get to fully monetise a publisher's inventory & for advertisers (thus, enabling them), to both 'target' and  'capture' users coming to those many partner publisher sites, from all over the web.

So the question remains, is Looksmart's uniquely independent global marketplace - Evolutionary Or Revolutionary?

<  Technically speaking, the difference between evolutionary & revolutionary is just one single letter. When speaking of technology, however, the implications of each word are worlds apart.

While an evolutionary product is a step forward from where you currently stand, a revolutionary product forges an entirely new path. It is different, bold, and risky -- and also has the potential to be highly rewarding.>

< For online advertising to continue to grow and potentially overtake traditional media as the medium of choice for both brand and direct response advertisers, do we need another revolutionary idea -- or can we continue to move forward along the evolutionary time line? >
[See June 26th, 2009 -]

Revolutionary enought for advertisers to be able ...... to both 'target' & 'capture' users coming to those many partner publisher sites, from all over the web.?

It would appear very much so: (If you build it ..THEY will come?)

There is plenty of "jockeying" going on (both large & small) around the web daily [Webfirm divests its AdFeedEngine division and it has been sold to] to ensure that suitable (& trusted), 'sophisticated' Ad Network partners are globally positioned to accomodate that expected explosive growth.

And it would appear (read my previous InstaPost), that there may be one common denominator (a revolutionary, single - global marketplace?)  that's evolving, and (that it is) one, that will eventually get to enable all those:

...........sophisticated ad networks to use a single ad server to traffic all their campaigns (even the ones bought on other ad exchanges and media sources [allowing them to] achieve these goals rather easily along with global reporting, as all the traffic is flowing through one ad server.

The REVOLUTION marches on!!!


ps; The question was asked (over on the Yahoo Finance LOOK board, today), as to what is considered to be Looksmart's "Fair Value"?

Fair value

Re: Fair value

: 3:05PM EDT: $1.77  Down 0.01 (- 0.56%)

Disclosure: Long LOOK and so happy to be so, too....(As always, ALL, only an opinion)