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Looksmart's MARKET CAP is so 'out of whack' that it's almost funny....

Looksmart is WAY undervalued. In a follow-on post [Re: Fair value], texas16qld offers, that for Looksmart:

.. Annual revs of say $60 million x 5 = $300 million plus 24 million cash = $324 million divided by 17 million shares = is around $19 per share. ..

Also interesting Tex, is that over the next 12 months those annual LOOK revenues (and, at a minimum), can fairly be expected to (at least), DOUBLE.

Looksmart tell us (on it's website), that in relation to "Geo-targeting":

"Your PPC campaigns on the Looksmart Network can be focused on the geographic location of your desired customers. Looksmart offers extended reach into North America as well as the UK, Australia and New Zealand"

Let's now compare "apples with apples"?

Today's new Nasdaq listing, the launch of ReachLocal (RLOC - that has stated annual revenues of just $70 million), has seen the Co close on the day with a Market Cap of some $385M. (Representing a little over, 5 X's earnings)

Looksmart has a current Market Cap, of just $32 million. (And has a stated $24 million, in CASH?)

On Reach Local's website they offer extended local "reach" into (surprise), the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia. (Yet, over here in Brisbane, Aust., it has an account manager's job vacancy, programmed for 2011?)

They also tell us that their "One Platform" can provide their advertisers (wishing to 'geo-target' and drill down to many users within those above countries), with users going to such prominent publisher sites that include the likes of Google, Yahoo, Fox, aol, MSN and ASK.

In fact, Reach Local tell us that (in relation to display advertising), it does offer it's advertisers.. "Maximum online awareness, in reach."

It's no coincidence that Efficient Frontier [] have come out with a new (revamped) website to mark the Reach Local launch today.

Now I wonder whose 'independent' Adserving API and a long way from being ALL "hooked up" (and to be, globally scaled) neutral Network marketplace that this $385M company in Reach Local (along with Efficient Frontier) would (both) be using, in their own such 'fine-tuned' (being yet another example of a one-stop-shop, type) offering, of geo-targeting?

Incidentally, Reach Local has been mentioned a number of times in the past, here on my Instablog @ SA - With all (any) previous mentions over on Yahoo Finance's LOOK board,  having been CENSORED. (Or, deleted)


LOOK: - : $1.87  Up 0.10 (+5.65%)

ps; How archaic of Yahoo (who have NOT permitted this post, on it's LOOK board) in it's (only, selectively) STILL not permitting links to be posted on it's site. Particularly when considering that the emerging, global advertising ecosytem) is soley built on Links, FFS!! Talk about the 'throwing of the baby out with the bath-water' ... Is it any wonder that Yahoo will (I feel), be soon sold?

Chartists? - Note: Chart

Disclosure: Long LOOK and so happy to be so, too...