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Look Who's Online Now - A Blast From The Past

It was back in October 2005 when I had posted of the following:

< "It was a very telling message about how important traffic could
be," says [Peter] Chernin of's rise. "If you could marry content, which we have, with traffic, you could [then] reach leadership positions pretty quickly." >

Look Who's Online Now

That story tells of the rise of MySpace ....and my own E mail note (below) kind of preempts it's own demise to some degree. Perhaps time waits for no-one?

I wrote an E Mail to the author of that article, that went like this:

< I would now ask you to mention to Mr Murdoch, as to whether he ever
recalls (as a young child in Australia), playing a card game called "fish"? ("Have you got a two of spades? - good, give it to me and you can have next go and try and 'pair up' with any single cards you hold in your hand, next").

Adam .... Publisher/Media Co's (such as News) ....already have the
content and by forming a network (by individually, getting together for
the mutual "win-win" game of 'fish'), they certainly have the required
traffic! - Collectively you have lots of both .....

Contextualise (with suitable ADS) your 'own' content and "share" it with each other. Play the "fish" game with each other's users, and 'marry up' with those many "eyeballs" that ALL who want to play the "one on one" game can provide for each other. - Publishers all over the land can then join in & play as competing individuals within this "concept" game!

Their is just ONE simple way to complete the NEWS story so far- Buy the 'deck of cards'. I'd be interested in discussing this further.>

I never did get a reply. And yet, a lot of where it appears we are about to be heading (with the intersection of search and display), is almost now upon us. The following should make it clearer.

[More on Fish - written on March 17, 2008: It's a world of "co-peting" or, one where Co's are said to be in "co-petition" with each other, things move quickly. - And don't ever ask me about my claim to the inventing of this/these word (s) when using it as an analogy to a "kids" card game of "fish", some five or, six years ago, too! - Like .........."have you got any Ads for a Honda Accord search (conducted from Australia) and for a "premium" publisher (in The NYT) and how high are they prepared to bid/pay for the spot"? [As explained "Have you got a 2 of spades", is a typical kid's "fish" game question, as is put...]

Rishad Tobaccowalla (CSIO VivaKi) wrote a great blog-post today. From within "The Turd on The Table" he poses the real possibility of two 'thoughts' crossing the minds of CEO's coming from opposing Co's, when they get to meet up:

< Was this a "lets learn about the potential competitor meeting" or, a "lets find a way to partner so we can both grow recognizing the potential of friction meeting"?>

It's a great article. But I can't help thinking that had CEO's of industry Co's got to address the 'turd on the table' a lot sooner (and honestly), and understood the 'winning way' in that kid's card game called FISH, programmatic buying and selling may well be a lot further down the road' than where it now sits. Is my opinion.


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