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Google Wants To Crawl Facebook/Twitter - Yet Google+ Is A Walled Garden?

Emma Barnett is The Telegraph's [UK] award-winning Digital Media Editor who never fails to shed light on her chosen subject. - Her most recent article Why Google can't create the perfect search engine is (again), no exception.

..In her discussion with Google's search chief, Amit Singhal (Google are now processing 100 billion queries/month), we're being told how he considers exactly why Facebook and Twitter are preventing him from creating the perfect search engine.

On the topic of (Google's) The Knowledge Graph (a database of over 500 million real-world people) Emma writes:

< When I interviewed him last summer, Singhal said:

"Search needs to be far more communicative. You need to be able to have a conversation with your search engine. I want my search engine to be the expert who knows me the best. It needs to know you so well that sometimes you don't need to ask it the next question.">

Amit Singhai says: "The question about other social networks is a very important one. We believe that this is users' data and yet we have to make a deal with third party social network, such as Facebook [Twitter], to actually give access back to the users - because clearly we cannot crawl these social networks"

[And yet, Google+, the search giant's own social network, is a walled garden - that does not allow users to seamlessly feed their status updates through to rivals Facebook or Twitter.]

In reading of How Facebook Will Become The Biggest Ad Network, I can fully understand just why Facebook (& Twitter), will continue to stop Google from crawling for any 'intent data' shown by users, on their sites.

At this juncture I'd remind readers of an RTB Global OPEN Marketplace thats 'Handling' Up To 100 Billion 'events' per day! - and ask the simple question as to why Facebook and Twitter (with it's own ad network, in time), would not be wanting their own advertisers to become involved-in what I see and or, Looksmart itself describe as being, an/the integration (of) Search & Display and the global opportunities it can/will provide for all 'players'-besides what it can do for Looksmart's own independent integrated online advertising platform performance? (In providing 'reach' into both Facebook and Twitter in locating 'targetable' users - where specific country regulatory laws will permit 'target-ers', to do so?)

There ARE such interesting times ahead, I feel.

Always, only an opinion.

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