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Looksmart and "The Digital 100: The World's Most Valuable Startups."

A final note on the point that (I consider), Looksmart's MARKET CAP is so 'out of whack' that's it's almost funny ... (in a note today) tell us, that ....

'The Business Insider has let loose with - at the very least - some admirable link bait by publishing "The Digital 100: The World's Most Valuable Startups."

Checking in at #49 is The Rubicon Project ($250 million estimated value) who is in the midst of trying to execute a rumored deal for/with Fox Audience Network assets. Perhaps this will help CEO Frank Addante close the deal. If the valuation is true, competitors PubMatic and AdMeld are likely very happy.

In 33rd place, Quantcast comes in at a $350 million valuation. Turn gets 54th place with a $225 million valuation. And, Specific Media gets 59th place with a $200 million valuation.'

Looksmart (that has both an ad network and it's uniquely independent AdCenter, global Marketplace - built by Microsoft and IACI's - see Current Report, in below link), have recently told on their website that they have now been or, are now 'managing' over TWO BILLION ad impressions DAILY and that this initial advice (of recording around 2B), was back in May of this year. THIS, is significant. (Does anyone out there reading this seriously think, that Looksmart's own ad network produces these numbers?)

Wait until the Co soon begins to "inter-connect" all those fragmented (other) ad networks, DSP's, big (brand) media buyers and exchanges into a ONE "huge" (secondary market) management platform that will then see the quoted daily impression figure being had, quickly 'grow' to between TEN & THIRTY Billion impressions "managed", and DAILY.

Looksmart's current revenues (circa $60M) will pale into insignificance (when this soon occurs) and bid values then naturally get to increase in what will be a (minimum) 5 times larger, global marketplace....

Should there then be any increase made to the AdCenter marketplace's small percentage ('inter-connecting') management 'service-charge' (that is current), Looksmart's annual revenues will then quickly move up to be in the region of a minimum of $300 - $400 million. And, how fast this will get to be the case when they do so, too. In my opinion.

What kind of "valuation" will the Co attact then?


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too...