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Microsoft's Search Network And The Content Network - Fully Explained

From a previous post:

..Looksmart's CEO advised all (during the CC, immediately following the Q1 2011 Report), of this important news re; the Co's partners:

"It has positioned us as quite an interesting partner for all the Yahoo Partners & the World [advertiser solutions?] Partners in helping them deliver to Yahoo & Google-and that is really part of how we're looking at our business going forward."

So ...

At this juncture I'll remind readers of an RTB Global OPEN Marketplace thats handling up to 100 Billion 'events' per day!-and ask the simple question as to why both Facebook & Twitter (with it's own ad network - in time), would not be wanting their own advertisers to become involved? [Or, have their own respective (combined) 1.5 billion or, so 'users'-also become 'targets' for advertisers?]

ALL - In what I see and or, Looksmart has described as being, an/the integration (of) Search and Display and the global opportunities it can/will provide for all 'players'- besides what it can do for Looksmart's own independent integrated online advertising platform performance? (In terms of explosive revenues, resulting from it all?)


To understand this that little more, Microsoft (themselves) explain their search network and 'search ads'.

< Search Network

The search network includes (& sites owned and operated by Bing, such as [Germany] and and the Yahoo! Search network (including sites owned and operated by Yahoo!).

The search network also includes websites owned and operated by our syndicated search partners, including and Ads distributed on the search network are known as search ads.>

It is my humble opinion that (an extended) Looksmart's own 'integration (of) Search and Display and the global opportunities it can/will provide for all of Looksmart's search engine 'partners' and within their respective search networks-will finally give the kind of uninterrupted (and, friction free) global scale that many big brands and large agencies will embrace with substantial spending-as a result of this (exclusive to Looksmart), unique 'one stop shop' opportunity, roll-out. - And it's one that will very soon, get to be on offer. Is my opinion.

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ps; Why there's a need for the integration (of) Search and Display to occur in real time?

"I was in the market for some new snow tires and did what most do. I asked 'The Google.' .. I was greeted with several good-looking choices on the best snow tires for my vehicle and the climate I live in here in Boulder, Colorado. I clicked on the (second) search result and landed on a great review. But something was strange the page I was reading tire reviews .....had been invaded with women's luxury shopping ads." -

Disclosure: Long LOOK and becoming so much more excited!