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Don't Sell Your Looksmart - - - "The Devil Is In, The Details"

CEO Dexmier can't make it any clearer than he recently advised:

"We have done extensive proof of concept work and believe that we have eliminated, at this stage, the key technical uncertainties about the new integrated platform.

..The devil is in the detail, of course, but I believe it is reasonable to say that it is now a matter of development and execution, not a matter of technical feasibility."

Does it get any clearer?

Yet, can anyone please post in a reply exactly what or, where PEEK have given any 'directional lead' as to what it may have 'planned' - should this group get control of Looksmart?

All we have is a few PEEK supporters [PEEK Extends Tender Offer for Shares of LookSmart and Announces Updates] posting over on Yahoo Finance-with all their focus being placed on CEO Dexmier as being a LIAR or, a person who cannot be trusted.

Let me assure these few posters that you can NEVER win 'business' by pulling your opposition down.

No one ever has and no one ever will. (Tell your daughter you don't like her punk, skin-head, pierced and tattoo'ed boy-friend and then see how you go?)

These posters need to clearly define a direction or, try and enlighten shareholders on or, about the intent - or, of any 'alternates' that PEEK may feel it can better Looksmart's own recent announcement revelations.

The company tells of exactly where Looksmart is now (uniquely) positioned, in that:

"Ultimately, the full product suite will be available as an integrated Search and Display online advertising platform in 2013."

(See also, PDF link below)

I've just read an interesting article, out today. Within it ("You Don't Control Your Digital Technology Decisions, M&A Does") the writer, Cameron Hulett/executive head of Acceleration (a global service business specializing in digital marketing technology) makes a very good point when he says:

"Without the scale and end-to-end integration, marketers merely have a collection of point solutions that each add limited value...."

"Marketers and Publishers are mere spectators as this [now, ALL quickly] unfolds.

The ground is shifting below you as the M&A storm rages around the new "enterprise marketing technology" center of gravity.

There is little you can do to stop it.

......You will buy a technology today and find it owned by a competitor tomorrow. Your smart decisions become meaningless because you can't predict the changes. From CRM to Social to DMPs. ........Irrespective of which tools you select or implement, chances are those businesses will be acquired, pivot or, partner before long.

...But within this storm, you have to not only survive, but thrive. - To do this, make sure you work with people who have a keen vision of the future and who can shed light on complex situations."

It's Complicated

He not only admits - but he clearly tells readers of this great article, that it's complicated.

And while I would never ever profess to completely understand all that Looksmart are involved with - I can assure you that I feel confident in saying that the Co is (more than) well positioned to forge ahead with the knowledge of both the direction that the big players are heading and Looksmart's niche positioning, within an over-all global plan.

Don't be fooled by selling your shares into this "you beaut" offer that can only benefit a "greedy" PEEK (as has been outlined by Looksmart) and certainly, no one else! (Unless of course, unless, unless..??)

You get your $1.00pps and then you become a bystander. Me? I'll be holding on tight-and will enjoy the 'ride' into 2013 and beyond.

Is my opinion.

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Disclosure: Long LOOK