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Senior Forrester Research Analyst- "End-To-End" Is Chasing A Pipe Dream?

Wow! Michael Greene is Senior Analyst at Forrester Research.

In an article he penned @ AdExchanger today Michael writes in no uncertain terms, the following:

"The term "end-to-end" gets thrown around a lot in digital advertising circles - and is increasingly part of the conversations that we have with advertisers, publishers, tech vendors, and investors. ....

It is also a preoccupation of AdExchanger, with the term "end-to-end" resulting in over 150 search results, -- a reflection of the litany of vendors (beyond just Google) claiming a complete solution (even if it is often in a very narrow area, like online audience data management or the tricky world of mobile video hyper-local targeting).

...Advertisers and publishers will be best served to stop chasing a pipe dream and instead arm themselves to be highly adaptive and technologically nimble in a changing media environment."

I totally disagree and I will explain (best as I can), as to why I do!

Michael. - Google tell all of it's advertisers.....

..."When people search on Google using one of your keywords, your ad may appear next to the search results. Now you're advertising to an audience that's already interested in you." [See your ad here]

From within a Cached article (sadly, I'm unable to access the Looksmart blog? Blocked?) dated December 4, 2008 - Shifting Search from Static to Real-time (and,thanks to Google) I have been able to read Guru John Battelle's post on his early thoughts on what I feel has now evolved to become, (indeed, it's what Looksmart themselves have now almost told us of) what is to be, an exciting 'intersection of search and display'.

John Battelle muses. (In his article):

"Let's say you are in the market to buy something - anything. Just to keep things simple, I'll use the age old digital camera example. Say you are considering a Canon EOS. Before the shift to the live web (for most mortals, that'd be now), chances are good you'd start by Googling it."

But instead of 'Shifting Search' - all the search engines working within a uniquely independent RT 'search intent' based, global marketplace, will get to be able to show advertising what is relevant to that user - coming from the country or, whatever market that user can so easily be reached from.

By showing (down that right hand side on each search engine's results page), the 'best deals' that marketers can offer, and all in real time!

My Google results (here in Brisbane, Australia), and those....

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Many search engines on the web (like Google, Microsoft's Bing/Yahoo plus, search engines from many countries) can/will likely all get to display these RT relevant ads to users, based on the Keyword/s entered in their respective search boxes.

Facebook and Twitter and real time 'thinking'.

Facebook and Twitter can get to retain their 'competitive edge' for their advertisers by showing.. "What are people saying about (my query) right now" (as John Battelle points out), as created - by other humans - directly in response to you? .. Well, you can get such a taste of what such an engine might look like on, but that's just a taste, [John Battelle notes.]

He then points out....."Add in your social graph (what your friends, and what your friend's friends are saying), far more sophisticated algorithms and - most importantly - a critical mass of real time data - and those results could be truly game changing. [Not only for the searchers, but surely for any/all advertisers of both Facebook and Twitter!]

I've recently posted (myself) of an RTB Global OPEN Marketplace that can handle up to 100 Billion 'events', per day and have long told of the reason why (that should be clear by now), there's an important need for a totally transparent and fully independent 'interconnector'.

One that conducts it's own (a kind of final) auction that allows for or, determines that the highest winning bid (only) gets to then occupy those positions within many individually defined global markets - those that an advertiser gets to choose or,wishes to appear-on the SERP's, of all of the search engine partners, within a ONE RT marketplace!

Then there's display, across the entire available inventory/publisher base
of all suitable partnered publishers, as accepted to this marketplace. Yes, where users can be 'targeted' on any of their many billions upon billions of landing pages, and with those same or, similar ads in a display or, video appeal, format. Video (of course), that'll be appropriate for internet based TV.

More Speculation

Looksmart's shareholders were told (a few days ago), that:

.."The Company disclosed today that LookSmart's Board of Directors has received indications of interest regarding strategic transactions at valuations in excess of PEEK's proposed tender offer price."

What Co wouldn't be more than interested in having a 'strong' position (maybe even a controlling one?), in this (clearly) excellent prospect?

With yesterday's advice of Scott Kauffman being newly installed as President of Looksmart, I fancy the past CEO of a rising Co and one formerly owned by CMGI-in AdKnowledge (and, a known AdCenter partner of Looksmart) may just prove 'the key' to an announcement or, two in the not too distant future. (

The highly regarded Scott Kauffman (a current and long term director of MDC Partners since April 2006-Present, was also a past President and CEO of (the now IBM owned) Coremetrics. As mentioned, he was once the CEO of Adknowledge (that is said to have been 'born again' [?] in 2006 (as it appears, it was once owned by CMGI), when receiving $48 million in funding from Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV) who, like CMGI, has been around for quite some time.


TCV was a divestiture of MSN (Dec.2004 --Technology Crossover Ventures did have an investment of some $125 million in MSN. - Or, Microsoft Network), yet Microsoft still appears to have an 'involvement' with CMGI (now, MLNK) as it had acquired a 4.9% stake in CMGI.

This CMGI link advises that on September 29, 2008, CMGI officially changed their name to ModusLink Global Solutions -- who had then changed it's ticker symbol to MLNK, taking effect on Sept. 30, 2008.

MLNK is currently being investigated for potential securities fraud.

Of interest: One Year Ago: VC Firm Closes Record Internet ...

CMGI (MLNK) had previously acquired Accipiter, an ad serving technology platform, and merged it into Engage Technologies, its Internet marketing firm.

Read more:

< Accipiter was sold for the first time in 1998 for $35 million in stock to publicly held CMG Information Services of Andover, Mass. Since 2002, a group of Accipiter managers has owned the business, reports Reuters.>

Accipiter was then acquired by aQuantive for $30.3M in December of 2006 followed by the acquisition of aQuantive by Microsoft in 2007.


Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV) has a fairly massive (and an impressive) Portfolio of investments including Scott Kauffman's old Co in Adknowledge. (Besides Facebook, C|Net Networks and an exciting global TV & Movies site in RealNetworks, Inc. - Seattle, WA.) TCV's 'stable' also includes Groupon.

TCV once had an interest in Expedia, Inc. - Bellevue, WA. This was acquired by InterActive Corp and it should never be forgotten that the Looksmart AdCenter performance marketplace's competitive advantage had been developed with both MSN and IAC's

Worth noting also is that Expedia is regularly appearing in Looksmart's traffic "Clickstream", as per Alexa. -

....In considering all of the above and in spite of the PEEK Tender Offer, it's always a chance that with the obviously clear synergies between many of those within the Technology Crossover Ventures' (TCV's) portfolio of investments, a 'controlling stake' offer may well be 'on the table' at this moment - when (once again) considering Looksmart's advice, as told (only a few days back), that:

.."The Company disclosed today that LookSmart's Board of Directors has received indications of interest regarding strategic transactions at valuations in excess of PEEK's proposed tender offer price."

In any 'deal' AdKnowledge could absorb the existing Looksmart ad network and become permanently enabled to have it's or, it partner's advertisers buy in the independent Looksmart marketplace. - Just as all it's publisher partners (many of who, would include those within the Technology Crossover Ventures' (TCV's) Portfolio of investment interests could also then, be easily be accessed in selling impressions.

But what of Facebook? Or, are they still 'testing', I wonder?

TCV's recent activity:

All .... purely speculation, of course.

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