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Privacy & Click Fraud - And The Evaluating Of Anonymous Consumer Behavior

From within an own instapost here on this Instablog mention was made of Looksmart's recent advice, that 'with proprietary data and algorithms [advertisers can only then, get to] analyze and evaluate anonymous consumer behavior - to identify receptive in-market digital audiences across premium inventory'.

The emphasis is on analyzing and evaluating anonymous consumer behavior and I feel that this is a likely reason why Microsoft has adopted it's DO NOT TRACK Policy- and that other players in this space will soon get to fully realise that the Do Not Track: and Privacy Considerations will simply not be going away(!)- and must be addressed, sooner than later.

In a great article by Hilary Farrell (and one that has been picked up by Facebook, Click Fraud, and Deceptive Digital Advertising, the writer points out ........

......"What needs to happen is the industry needs to step up to the plate and come up with ways that they transparently explain what they're doing & how they're doing it [to target customers]" Simpson said, "[The industry needs.....] a system where the Internet user is going to develop more faith in the Internet. .. We're in the middle of how this is all going to play out."

It's clearly obvious to me that a 'solution' (yes, an answer to over-come both the Privacy & the Click Fraud problem) has now been developed but few (if any), are listening.

Back on 9 Feb. 2012 I had posted in my instablog-of Benoit Vatere (Vice President of the Distribution Network for LookSmart), describing how Looksmart is not only a search network, but that the company operates to buy intent rather than systems. And that it was.....

".......through "key-word" search... search, display, social and mobile, video ..[there are]... different ways of touching the user ... We follow users showing search intent....... image, rich media ..yes ....We are getting into this... We....position ourselves to the OPEN market....We are looking at the IP...the individual user"...

Click Fraud: If (winning bids for) ads are being served to a targeted user in a marketplace that is dealing ONLY with (in each individual instance that an ad is served), the advertiser, the publisher and the user - who else can get to see that very ad that's being served in real time- if not, and ONLY - "the target" or, a single user?

Privacy: So when the industry (finally) gets to 'come out of the closet' and "transparently explain what they're doing & how they're doing it" [meaning, THE ABOVE] ..... the industry will then find, that:

Users will (and only then), be more than satisfied that they will only be receiving ads that are targeted (solely) to them (via the use of their IP address, only), through a 'black-box-like' automated mechanism that:

*uses no other kind of personal identification whatsoever

*that no other individual person or, software can view or, determine

*that they are to receive ads mostly of their 'interest' or, that...

*they/these will mostly be ads that are simply/purely served to save them both time and (no doubt), lots of money

Then (and, only then) globally..... Users will quickly (and, universally) get to fully embrace this (completely independent - totally transparent) form of targeting.

Always, only an opinion.

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