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Nanigans Will Provide “Facebook Performance Advertising”

We've recently been told that among the growing number of Facebook Exchange RTB partners there are just two who continue to remain as being Facebook ads - application-programming-interface partners.

Described as being a "Facebook Performance Advertising" company we already know that Nanigans, Inc. is one of those two!

In an interview with @ AdEchanger today former Yahoo! sales executive Marc Grabowski (now- the new COO with Nanigans) tells us all of how his new Co has (itself) reminded him of when Right Media origionally devised an exchange idea. And of how it makes sense in using a lot of data & inventory, as well as connecting buyers to sellers. (Grabowski's move to Nanigans fuels the company's promising growth trajectory, with it currently delivering over 2 billion Facebook Ad impressions every day)

From within the above linked interview Q&A it's important for readers to note his following important comment:

"Granted (Grabowski says), Nanigans isn't a marketplace. Nanigans is plugging into a marketplace."

(As was advised in a post today over on Yahoo Finance), readers must always remember that Facebook must (at all times) take care to guard against or, protect it's own precious (900M member's), user data!

The Nanigan's website states the obvious and that need (for advertisers) to Maximize their ROI on Facebook. And that through Nanigan's own Ad Engine Platform advertisers can get to enjoy full data transparency with robust, real-time measurement, plus analytical tools and that they can bid and optimize toward specific downstream goals and value , plus they'll also get to enjoy benefit from proprietary, customizable, real-time bidding algorithms.

The $64 dollar question is that whilst there was 14 more companies added to Facebook's Exchange (and, becoming Facebook Exchange RTB partners) it's clear that Nanigans (itself) will only provide advertisers with "Facebook Performance Advertising", at this stage of development.

If it can be taken for granted that Grabowski's reference to "Nanigans plugging into a marketplace." means even more that only Facebook's own exchange/marketplace & if advertisers can get to bid and optimize toward specific downstream goals, what other marketplace could he mean, besides the independent Looksmart marketplace? Something to think about?

Always an opinion.

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ps; Someone @ Yahoo is NOT HAPPY to see Marc Grabowski join up with Nanigans! (How childish!) -

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