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Looksmart and the 2nd Channel Ecosystem

#..Analyzing a 30-day period during August and September, PubMatic & friends found that real-time bidding campaigns on average delivered 64% more revenue for publishers than non-RTB campaigns across all verticals.

That’s not bad, but the real victors are the advertisers: traditional run-of-network, non-RTB campaigns were outperformed by RTB campaigns by 749%...#


Looksmart and the 2nd Channel Ecosystem

Yes, that (above-mentioned) PubMatic Report defines the 2nd Channel as inventory sold through intermediaries such as ad networks and ad exchanges and reveals that in 3 years the 2nd Channel is estimated to make up 34% of all publisher ad revenue.>

More on the exciting prospect of RTB improving the monetisation of a publisher's content, page by page and (in time), reaching out to each and every global user.  Where LESS cost (for advertisers) is MORE payment (in total), for participating publishers.

Simply by having ...

<..publishers making their their audiences available to their advertisers.

Now we’re not talking about old school behavioral tactics like creating audience segments within your own inventory to boost up the value of that inventory.  And we’re not talking about retargeting your users on the exchanges.

No, this is much bigger.

This is about publishers making their audience available to advertisers anywhere that audience goes online When this idea is properly packaged and sold by the publisher sales force, the results double and even triple the value of the RFP [Request for Proposal], responses.

More importantly, it’s [that's RTB], going to end the dastardly practice of stealing publisher audiences and reselling them.

We hope that publishers consider the innovations that a Demand Side Platform (DSP) provides. We can promise publishers that their reach will far exceed their grasp.>

Yes. A "win-win" for both sides. But it's nothing that readers here and from within many posts made elsewhere haven't be hearing of for some years now.

"They" (the industry) are beginning to tell all publishers only now of WHAT (effect) RTB will have on them but (it seems?) are NOT quite yet saying exactly how the (that) fully transparent (and, independent) global "inter-connecting" (of publishers with advertisers) in the (so-called) secondary marketplace, will be achieved.

And the answer is something that I have been telling of (and, it's such important information - especially for LOOK shareholders), for the past 3 to 5 years, right?

BUT ................Only an opinion, as always.


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