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Preview: The world’s greatest farmland

Where is the world’s greatest farmland? If an investor is going to purchase land in hopes of getting a consistent return through appreciation, and rent, the investor is probably going to search for the best possible farmland available. When investing in farmland, a great deal of due diligence must be done. Currently, land owners and operators argue over where the greatest farmland in the world is located. Some claim it is in South America, others think it is in Eastern Europe, while some even think it is in the United States.


Farmland Forecast has done extensive research to try to answer where the best farmland is located. As an investment, many different characteristics should be evaluated when becoming involved in an investment in farmland. The last thing an investor wants is a rebel group to overtake their productive land; although it has happened.


On January 5th, Farmland Forecast will post an article explaining what determines the best farmland on Earth. Topics that will be covered include soils, infrastructure, property rights, climate, and government support.


Be sure to read the article on January 5th to find out where the best farmland in the world is located.

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