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Random musings: Light and Darkness

We are told to walk in the path of light but how about if most people misunderstood this message. Normally light is made to look as good and darkness is supposed to be bad. If most so called contrarians were really true contrarians they would question this premise, if they applied mass psychology and common sense they would most definitely question the above perceptions.
Let’s examine a few facts:
Science has now proven that approx 95% of the universe is black (as in darkness). So that means only 5% is in the light so as to speak. This information alone should be enough to make one think. But let’s go further it has been shown that humans on average use about 5-7% of their brain capacity and geniuses at most 15%. Hence it’s safe to assume that the most advanced human being would only have knowledge of maybe 0.05% if not less of this 5% of the universe that is in the light.
Next the reason most people are afraid of the dark is because they fear the unknown, but if you fear the unknown then how can it ever become known. So in essence the fear is irrational, as it’s based on pure hear say or superstitious beliefs, twisted religious beliefs etc. Now just with the above info a contrarian would say perhaps the darkness holds the secret, as 95% of the universe is black. How could you possibly learn anything by just studying 5% of what’s out there; that the equivalent of some jackass reading one book on investing and assuming he is the worlds best investor.
Let’s dig even deeper and use knowledge that is available to anyone that might want to pursue this subject further. An object gets its colour by absorbing all the other colours except the colour it reflects so a blue object is blue because it absorbs all the other colours except blue. Taking this one step further we could actually say that the darkness is the path of light simply because it absorbs all the light and reflects black and the light is actually darkness because it absorbs all the black and reflects just the light.
If something is absorbing light then one would have a better chance of finding the answer there then something that is absorbing darkness only. I mean we don’t go to idiots and ask them for advice do we; idiots absorb everything else besides knowledge and the opposite can be said for geniuses.
Okay this was a simple mental exercise and an examination of the facts using simple data that is available to most individuals. We are making no assertions whatsoever. Draw your own conclusions. All we wanted to do was offer a different view and possibly push you to put your thinking caps on.