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1)   Thou shall get the exact opposite of what thou sorely seeks.
The principle here is very simple, the harder you try for something the more you are willing to risk, the more bull headed you become and slowly but surely logic and reason are replaced with faith, and stubbornness; two of the most deadly sentiments to have when it comes to investments. Whenever you go after something do so in a nonchalant manner, do not desperately seek to win, because desperation blinds and when one is blind they only see what they want to see. 
2)   The harder you try for something the more likely you are to fail. There is difference between being determined to achieve something and simply being like a bulldog who wont give up. Lots of effort does not necessarily equate to possible success. It’s learning from your mistakes, taking time out and then trying again but with a different approach that usually results in success.  
 This law is very similar to the above low. Over efforting does not bring about success. In fact if you try to squeeze water out of rock, the only thing you end up with is a massive headache and lots of dust. So do not try to create opportunities, instead look for them and then use the trend is your friend principle. The most important thing to do is to keep a journal of all your failures and mistakes, forget your successes. Most individuals have an incredible capacity for forgetting their mistakes and failures, however they never seem to forget their success (perhaps because they have had so few and want to hide behind something). If you forget your failures and mistakes, you will be doomed to repeat them and suffer twice as much in the future. Make sure you learn from them, if you learn from them then you lost nothing, if you don’t then you lost everything.
3)   When you think you are desperate, take time out, for the little you have will be taken away from you to teach you the true meaning of the word desperate.
This is perhaps one of the most dangerous diseases to have. When you start feeling desperate, stop doing everything and take a vacation. If you think you can’t afford the vacation, wait to see how you feel a few months later when you have lost almost everything. Never ever do anything when you are feeling desperate. You need to take time out and let your body and mind recover so that you can assess the situation clearly. 
Desperate minds lead to dangerous mistakes and dangerous mistakes lead to bankruptcy 
Or worse.
4)   Never get into something with the thought that I don’t have enough money or time to put into this project. For if you do your wishes will come true.
If you think you don’t have enough money or time, then stay the hell out till you have enough of both, for if you don’t you will definitely have a lot more time on your hand and a lot less money. Lots of time and no money are the ideal combination for depression.
5)   Always look at failure as bringing you one step closer to success. The law of paradoxes states that without failure there can be no success. Failure is an absolute and necessary ingredient for those who chose to be successful. Therefore you should embrace your failures with equal gusto as you do with your wins. Make sure you learn from each failure otherwise you will be punished twice as severely in the future.
This is perhaps the most important if not thee most important rule. If you look at failures as a waste of time, you have learnt absolutely nothing and you deserve all the pain and more you will get in the future. Make sure that you listen closely to what each failure is telling you. Failure brings you one step closer to success because it lets you know exactly where you are lacking. Most people tend to look at failures in their lives with dread and the reason is simple, they actually want to lose. If they took the time to sit and analyze their failures they would find a solution to their problems but they don’t and so they deserve every single bit of punishment life hands out to them. In addition never ever try to help a failure unless he/she wants to help himself/herself first. Trying to help them if they do not have this desire, will result in tremendous pain, loss and most likely the individual you are trying to help will blame you for all the problems in their life.
Paradoxes, if understood, can be used to improve our lives in every single aspect. All one has to do is learn to take things as they come rather than forcing a situation. Examples of paradoxes in action:
  • Telling the market what to do and then losing your shirt and your pants as results of your stubbornness and stupidity.
  • Clinging to hope that a certain sector will go up because all the fundamentals are prefect and ignoring the trend principle; end result complete loss and when you close out your positions this sector takes off like a rocket. 
  • Being a perpetual bull or bear is a guaranteed way to make sure that the only success you will encounter is in finding a nice prime resting spot (as in 6 feet under the ground)
  • Looking for or chasing happiness, net results misery and depression. Happiness is right there you don’t have to find it, you just have to learn how to appreciate the small things in life. 
And the list goes. 
So make sure you learn how to take it easy and live each day as if its your last because it might actually be your last. Most important of all do not chase investments, or try to force an investment to take off. Study the trend and then take your position and wait for the rewards to come in. while waiting don’t ever forget that the most important things in life are really free.