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Dow’s new highs all lies

|Includes: ProShares Short Dow 30 ETF (DOG), GLD, GLL
As the saying goes; a picture speaks a thousand words and the charts below quite clearly illustrates that the Dow has not put in a single new high in the past 3 years.  
When the Dow is priced in Gold all we get is a long term down trend line. This clearly illustrates how the masses are being fooled into believing that these illusory highs are real highs.

When the Dow is priced in Canadian dollars, we also get a similar picture though not as striking as when it’s priced in Gold.

When priced in Australian dollars the picture is almost as striking as when it’s priced in Gold. This chart clearly illustrates the insidious nature of inflation; your wealth is literally being stolen right in front of your eyes.  
Inflation the silent killer tax is being used to fleece the masses; you work hard for your money, you pay taxes and instead of getting a pat on your back you are kicked in the face. Welcome to the real world. The way to protect oneself from this insidious disease is to stay one step ahead of the central bankers. Precious metals are one way to hedge oneself, but they are not the only way and not always the best option. For example, from  the mid 1990’s to 1999, the era was a good way to stay ahead of the inflation game, and then from 1998 to roughly 2006, real estate was a good bet, and so on.   However, at this point in the game precious metals are one of the top options. Having a position in any commodity is a good idea for the current commodity bull still has a long way to go before a top is put in.