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Anti-infectives: a brief history, future risks and issues for investors. Video with global life science expert, Andy Smith now playing

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Global Life Science veteran and former fund manager of the Axa Framlington Biotech Fund, Andy Smith, discusses anti-infectives. He provides a brief history to uncover future risks and reviews the issues for investors.
Topic:              Anti-infectives; it was supposed to be easy (click on this link to watch the broadcast or visit for this and other sector videos)
Speaker:          Dr. Andy Smith
Date:                13 October 2010 and every Wednesday for other life science topics.
Andy will be giving a weekly video webcast on various aspects of the Biotech & Pharma space at 3B NEXUS business and investor video portal. Your colleagues, clients and partners might be interested to hear Andy's views and conclusions on the topics covered. 
Next week, Andy will be addressing Neurology, and in the coming weeks discussing Medical Devices and new topics as suggested by viewers. 
Previous topics:
Vaccines, Investment and the Future  - probably the most successful type of medicine, offering a brief history and look at the current vaccine space with an investor’s eye.
Clinical Trials and Cancer: the lessons, paradoxes and positives  - reviewing some of the learning from cancer clinical trials and examples of what investors have learnt from compounds in development and a paradox in oncology clinical trials.
Valuations, current issues in biotech & pharma. Andy looked at Valuations of profitable biotech & pharma companies relative to history.
Andy's profile and video transcript is available for download.
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