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Is web video today's most effective communications business tool?

Promote Your Business With Online Video
The question is how to expand reach and build relationships; get the word out about your business, products or services to the people who need them; the answer: distribute short video messages online.

People are more likely to watch video clips through to the end than they are to read a whole web page or static text documents. Video gives you a better chance to engage viewers and get your message across with greater impact. They see, they hear and they get to know you and your business.

Determine what you want to tell your audience. Keep your video messages short and concise to keep your viewers interested. Pages of written text and static images can be reduced to a recommended limit of four or five minute video clip. If it runs longer than that, your audience is likely to lose interest and click away.

A well-crafted video that gets promoted to your target audience will deliver your message in an efficient and effective way that engages your prospects, increases visibility of your business and expertise and boosts your online presence.

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