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Stay Denied – Short Arris & Long UnifiedOnline

|About: ARRIS International plc (ARRS), UOIP


Very good news yesterday.

Read the IHUB board.

We may be “off to the races” today.

There will, of course, be some profit-taking.

Below is the 1 year chart for UnifiedOnline.


UOIP Update

Links (Updated) Court Proceedings Schedule / Updates:,_LLC_v_Atlantic_Broadband_Group,_LLC Defendants' 10-Q's mentioning possibility of damages/settlement with UOIP:"[Charter Communications] may be subject to substantial damages...nor can it reasonably estimate a range of possible loss." "[ARRIS] may be required to indemnify the MSOs and/or pay damages for utilizing certain technology." "[Comcast expects] that any potential liability would be in part or in whole the responsibility of our equipment and technology vendors under applicable contractual indemnification provisions." (vendors = Cisco/Arris) "Mediacom Broadband...potential for high monetary awards that are not predictable..." UOIP arguing against stay of proceeding / pre-trial conference in October 2018: May 3, 2018: Seeking Alpha (Tony's Blog/Article): April 22, 2018 - ongoing: April 24, 2018: Appeal filed by UOIP (~1/3rd of -822 patent unpatentable): April 26, 2018:,_LLC_v_Cisco_Systems,_Inc February 24, 2018: Deposition of Comcast IP SVP / Proving Willful Infringement / treble damages (3x): April 10, 2018: September 15, 2017: RPX Can't appeal: Jan 17, 2018: PTAB Decision for UOIP: April 3, 2017: March 30, 2017: Markman Hearing for UOIP: Dec 9, 2016: 13-D outlining reporting status/ownership: October 26, 2014: Background on Billy Carter (Holds 900 million shares of UOIP): July 13, 2013: UOIP's lawyer, Robert Whitman: Pacer Court Updates (MSO's):,_LLC_v_Atlantic_Broadband_Group,_LLC,_LLC_v_Bright_House_Networks,_LLC,_LLC_v_Cable_One_Inc,_LLC_v_Cablevision_Systems_Corporation_et_al,_LLC_v_Cequel_Communications,_LLC_et_al,_LLC_v_Charter_Communications,_Inc,_LLC_v_Comcast_Corporation_et_al,_LLC_v_Cox_Communications,_Inc_et_al,_LLC_v_Mediacom_Communications_Corporation,_LLC_v_RCN_Telecom_Services,_LLC,_LLC_v_Time_Warner_Cable_Inc_et_al,_LLC_v_WaveDivision_Holdings,_LLC,_LLC_v_WideOpen_West_Finance,_LLC Patents: -918: -822: -679: -565: -774: Pending: Pending: Long UOIP

Disclosure: I am/we are long UOIP.