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If You Will Have $10,000 To Invest In N=30 Penny Stocks By Mid-December 2019 – Part I (New)

|Includes: Bergio International, Inc. (BRGO), DCAC, ECMH, FTWS, LIBE, QRMLF, RETC, RKLC

I decided to delete earlier SABlogs and summarize data, before today’s football games begin, in this SABlog.

Recall that I am using a random number generator to invest $250 in each and every single stock trading at $0.0001.

I am positioning myself through Tax Loss Selling or Tax Loss Harvesting season, before the Santa Claus Rally and January Effect.

I had a few [net] positive surprises and closed some positions [below], and generated about $3,400 in gains in the first 60 days.

I have about $32,000 invested, so far, and 18 buy orders placed for tomorrow.

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Recall, below is the methodology I am using for purchases:

Below are closed positions:







Sales Price










Dumped Reverse Split







Dumped Reverse Split







Dumped Partial Fill







Traded & Sold (Suboptimally) on SEC Form 8-K







Dumped Anticipated Reverse Split







Sold into Rumors Causing Upside Over-Reaction (Expert Market & FDA)





It is likely that I will close my position in (OTCPK:FTWS) tomorrow.

The below SABlogs have been deleted, but warrant mention:

Part I had 66 views.  I made mention of the data base of N=303 stocks at December 21, 2018, and the results of back-testing.  I selected a random sample of n=30 to see if the above, random selection methodology would be profitable in 8 months.  It was.

Part II had 45 views.  I provided a bit more information.  On the original data base of N=303 stocks [see above], 55% doubled or more than doubled in the first 8 months of 2019.  Partial fills were a problem that I mentioned, but the wonderful folks at TDAmeritrade gave me a more than generous number of free trades to offset this modest cost.

Part III had 23 views.  I reminded all that these are random purchases and my expectation of returns in excess of 100% per year.

Part IV had 33 views.  I used the example of Quest Rare Materials (OTC:QRMLF), unfortunately, not in my portfolio-to-date, to illustrate how a stock can go from $0.0001 to $0.06 is just a few trading days.  This was a “gap up,” so it important, if you want the “big hits,” not to set GTC sell orders at modest PPS levels.

Part V had 49 views.  I characterized my methodology or strategy as not unlike a “Dogs of the DOW” approach, but, of course, far more extreme.  It was in this installment that I explained that I was prepared for “dead money” on these stock purchases.  I also prepared followers for the deletion of earlier parts for a future, condensed version, which is what this is.

Part VI had 32 views.  In this installment I provided a graphic of the seasonal nature of the “hits” I anticipated in January or February of 2020.  This was shortly after [LIBE] hit.

Part VII had 26 views.  I made additional references to [LIBE], [ECMH], [RETC] and [BRGO].

Part VIII had 26 views.  I had about $30K invested, at this point in time on October 12, 2019.

I am going to leave Part IX up, as an SABlog, for a bit.

I will no longer publish my portfolio, as you should not attempt to purchase the stocks I am purchasing.  Instead, if you want to try the methodology, generate your own list of random stocks for purchase.  Or, you can just watch and we will see how things turn out.

Stay well.