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Small biz and Obama's Speech

The Obama plan will add thoudands of dollars of expenses to even the smallest businesses while decreasing the annual expenses of corporations. Thus, it will increase the advantage corporations have over small business already.

Obama says small business has some kind of moral obligation to provide health care to employees; where did he come up with that?! My obligation is to pay my employees what I agreed to pay them for certain labor. What they do with that money, and how much they need, are not my concern nor Mr Obamas. If federally mandated health care is so vital for the economy, then why have Japan and Europe LOST relative standard of living to the US over the last 19 years? Europe is now 30% behind! Do you want to trade 30% of your wealth for guaranteed life long health care? Really?

I defy anyone to recall a more anti-small business proposal in the history of US politics. This is, as far as I can remember, the most anti-small business proposal in the history of this country; this proposal extends a constant stream of anti-small business proposals and administrative actions from the most anti-small business administration that this country has ever seen.