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Gov Ed Rendell -- Biggest Ignorant Bozo in America

 Just when you think a public official can't make a more stupid statement along comes another political bozo that proves how the average American just throws away his vote by putting the lowest common denominator into a position of public trust.

Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania chastised football officials for calling off a football game that would have been played in the middle of one of the worst winter blizzards in over a century.  He said that proved that we were a nation of wusses and said the Chinese wouldn't have called off the game.

When there is bad weather schools across the country call off school not because they are wusses but as a safety concern to keep all the teachers, support staff, bus drivers and parents off the roads.  The school days can be made up without putting lives in danger.

Bozo ED - There was going to be a blizzard.  Roads and parking lots were buried under snow.  Public transportation was curtailed.  All the police, firemen and EMTs that would normally be needed at the game were needed elsewhere.

You wanted to put 70,000 fans plus 10's of thousands of support people at the stadium in danger, just for a game that could be postponed to another evening.

If you really believe that not venturing out in the blizzard makes you a Wuss then put your money where your big mouth is.  Declare by Executive Order that any public employee in the State of Pennsylvania who did not show up for work be declared an unexcused Wuss.  Put a reprimand in his file and dock his pay for the unexcused absences.

Hold a press conference and release the names of all the public employee wusses who didn't show up for work.

I bet you won't do it because you are afraid of the public employees unions and you are the Biggest Wuss in America.

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