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Financial Tides wins again - 6 for 6

Every month I publish the Financial Tides Performance Scoreboard to give accountability for my recommendations. Each time I BUY, SELL, SHORT or RECOMMEND stocks I let you know which on my funds it is in and let you see the actual cumulative returns of my recommendations. I use BarChart to find my picks and tell you how. Here's how we did at the end of September:

FUND --Cum Return-- Beat S&P 500
VMFIV - 52.33%------- 48.47%
VMFOR - 40.55%------- 37.15%
VMSIX - 60.14%------- 60.80%
VMNHI - 52.27%------- 56.19%
VMSLO - 50.73%------- 70.83%
VMSHT - 24.50%------- 39.92%

A recap of the makeup of each fund:
VMFIV -- made up of large cap stocks in the S&P 500
VMFOR -- made up of mid cap stocks in the S&P 400
VMSIX -- made up of small cap stocks from the S&P 600
VMNHI -- stocks hitting 20 day new highs trading at least 100K shares a day
VMSLO -- stocks hitting 20 day new highs trading between 25K - 99K shares per day - a
continuation of the portfolio I used to win the Strategy Lab Open
VMSHT -- Before you jump to a conclusion the SHT means SHORT or maybe it doesn't - stocks hitting 20 day new lows that look like they will continue to tank.

At any time you can follow the results of any of the model portfolios on the side bar of Financial Tides under the Model Portfolio tab. All results are compiled by Marketocracy.

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Disclosure: I do not own any of the stocks in my blogs but put them in Marketocracy portfolios to give accountability to my recommendations.