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Profits in credit card processing

As the economy recovers people will begin spending money and most will do that on a credit or debit card. Fidelity National Information Services (NYSE:FIS) Inc. provides credit, debit and merchant card processing, e-banking, check risk management and check cashing services to financial institutions and merchants worldwide.

They have a customer list of over 14,000 financial institutions including 40 of the top 50 global banks. The best part of their customer list is that no single institution accounts for more than 5% of their revenue. In this fickled economy the loss of a major institution would not be a revenue buster.

The stock hit 15 new highs in the last 20 trading sessions and had an 18.17% price appreciation in the last 30 days. Barchart's technical indicators still have 13 of 13 buy signals for a 100% technical buy rating. The stock trades around 28.51 with a 50 day moving average of 24.47.

Investor sentiment on Motley Fool is positive with a 93 to 14 vote that the stock will beat the market. All Star investors agree with a vote of 27 to 2. Fool reports that the last 8 articles about the company have been positive.

Wall Street likes the stock and gives 13 buy and 7 hold recommendations with no negative releases. Sales are expected to increase 37.20% this year and 4.70% next year. Double digit increase in EPS are expected with estimates of increases of 20.20% this year , 13.30% next year and 11.76 annually for the next 5 years.

If you think the economy is improving and consumer spending will increase this stock has a few things going for it:
  • Recent price appreciation with a 100% technical buy signal from Barchart
  • Buy recommendations from Wall Street plus estimates of increases in sales and earnings
  • Positive investor sentiment

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