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My Million Dollar Challenge

When I was a kid I was always fascinated by the stock market. I saw it as a way to make money without having to run a business and not have personnel or supply problems and all that drama that goes along with being a business owner. My childhood heroes were Sir John Templeton, Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch.

I read all the articles about the conflict between the random walk theory and how these 3 beat it. In college I became an accounting major and spent hours in the library reading Trendlines, Standard & Poors and Value Line. When I graduated I even bought subscriptions to Value Line.

I became convinced that there were no secrets or magic to investing. Later I became a Financial Advisor but of course was limited to the investments recommended by my research department.

About 5 years ago I became frustrated and wanted to test out my own theories. About the same time I can across Forbes Best of the Web and saw some recommendations by the Forbes editors for stock screeners and stock simulation games. I decided to test my theories and started a model portfolio on Marketocracy and began using Barchart for my stock screener because it was easy to use and free.

Before long some of my portfolios were consistently ranking in the top quartile of the 100,000 portfolios evaluated on Marketocracy. After a few years I started to have some of my portfolios hit in the top 100 for various time frames. Last year I became a full time financial blogger and now I have funds that consistently hit in the top 100 of the 100,000 and even a fund that is in the M100. I started posting my ideas on Barchart Portfolio Blogs and Seeking Alpha and now I have almost 14,000 followers of my postings. I want to help you become a better investor.

Here's my challenge to you: I want you to help me prove that anyone, from any walk of life and from any educational background can beat the market by using a little guidance, some common sense, an easy to use stock screener and data base plus a lot of discipline.

Your challenge is to open a free $1,000,000 simulated stock simulation portfolio on Marketocracy, learn to use the Barchart tools by reading my postings on
Barchart Porfolio Blogs and Seeking Alpha, ask questions and share your ideas in a Marketocracy forum that I will set up under Investing Strategies using the title Barchart User Forum and test your ideas.

Your goal will be:

  1. Have a positive rate of return on your simulated portfolio
  2. Beat the S&P 500
  3. Beat as many of the 100,000 portfolios on Marketocracy as you can.

Let's get started on your way to become a better independent investor.


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