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BAC: Ken Lewis & Bank of America

|Includes: Bank of America Corporation (BAC)


I've really tried to pay attention to this whole Ken Lewis - Bank of America saga.  I'm really more confused then ever. I'm not sure what to believe and need your help.  Please give me your opinions.
1. Ken Lewis is one of the smartest CEOs ever.  He has weathered the storm and bought both Country Wide and Merrill Lynch for a song and got the Feds to pay for it all.  He should be Time Magazine's Man of the Year.
2. Ken Lewis has knowingly lied about everything and has committed securities fraud.  Not only is he as bad as Madoff and Stanford but his Ponzi scheme is a lot bigger.  Indict and arrest him for fraud.
3. Ken Lewis and his Board of Directors have misled the stock holders, the Fed, the SEC, and the press. Because of their lies and deliberate misinformation stockholders have lost billions.  Sue them all for every cent they have.
4. Ken Lewis is the stupidest CEO ever. Because he was clueless he made and packaged bad loans that destroyed the American economy, bought Country Wide and Merrill Lynch without even the least due diligence.  He isn't smart enough to be a teller in one of his bank locations.  Fire him without a severance package.
5.  Ken Lewis?  Who cares?
Please give me your opinions.

Jim Van Meerten