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Don't Get Ripped Off: Know Your Ohio Health Insurance Options

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With so many things changing in the health insurance world these last couple of months, many questions about basic individual Ohio health insurance have begun to arise. If you are in a situation where you do not have health insurance, now is an important time to see what is available for you and your family.

When looking for health insurance you will need to start by asking yourself the basic questions such as "who is this health insurance for?" and "what benefits will you and your family need?" There are going to be numerous plans for you to choose from, so it will be important for you to know what is most important to you. One type of Ohio health insurance plan that some people like to have is a plan with a health savings account. Money that is in that account can only be used for health expenses. People tend to like the idea that the money cannot be used for anything else other than their medical expenses, so they are not tempted to use it.

To cut back on paying extra for medical care, see if your current doctor is within the provider's network. If your doctor is not within the network, look at other providers' networks or start looking for another doctor that is in the network. Going to out-of-network doctors will usually cost you extra money. When choosing a plan think about the amount of times you and your family visit the doctor within a given year. You can either get Ohio health insurance that will cover everything from serious injuries to simple colds, or you can get a plan that only covers catastrophic sicknesses and injuries.

Take a look at the plans that are offered through one company so you know what types of plans are out there:

1. The Basic Health Plan: affordable rates, PPO coverage, choice of coinsurance and deductibles, variable copay office visits per person, per year, preventative care coverage, copay Rx drug coverage, Prescription Drug Option.

2. The Preferred Health Plan: Three plan types Select PPO, "Any Doc" PPO, and Managed Indemnity, 80/20 or 100% coinsurance and choice of deductibles, office visit copays as low as $15 (select PPO) and $35 ("Any Doc" PPO), preventative care coverage, healthy lifestyle program, copay Rx drug coverage, (Additional options including the prescription Drug Option)

3. The HSA Health Plan: Two plan types: PPO and Managed Indemnity, 80/20 or 100% coinsurance after deductible, high deductible choices for individuals and families, renegotiated fees at participating physician offices, hospitals and pharmacies, Healthy Lifestyle Program, and preventative care coverage.

4. The Short Term Health Plan: "choice of deductibles, coverage for a range of medical services, freedom to choose length of coverage from 1-6 months, Applicants can apply for a total of 12 months of coverage.

Knowing these basics about individual health insurance plans in Ohio will make choosing a smooth process. Contact your local experienced insurance broker to get quotes for your family today. Be informed when it comes to your health!