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The Best Currency to Short

Here are some compelling reasons to short the US dollar;

1 The dollar is currently overvalued in relation to most other currencies;

2. Several individual states within the union are on life support far more serious than the situation facing Greece;

3. The Obama deficit budget program (over a trillion) is designed for a bail out (putting out fires) rather than implementing a structured plan for a new economic spending reform that recognizes debt restructuring as a priority;

4. Special interest groups like unions and fascists have a strangle hold over the present administration;

5. Employment figures are far worse than reported by the government;

6. The present leadership has fostered gridlock creating an atmosphere of division rather than negotiation and compromise;

7. The government has a philosophy of unprecedented over stepping by unfairly favoring specific private sectors of the economy while acting at the detriment of the remaining sectors;

8. The government administration has created an atmosphere of uncertainty as a result of public posturing thus pushing the economy further into the abyss.

Leadership is achieved by consultation, negotiation, cooperation, compromise and a consensus for execution follow through whether it be the good, the bad or the ugly. No chance of that happening under this administration, only the big cannot fail.

The result is a continued protracted stagnation and eventual economic failure with perhaps a possible social revolution.

LOL. Looking after your money.

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