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Real Estate Is An Investment That Works

Real estate is an investment that works.  I have been investing in the stock market and in real estate for many years now.  Perhaps my results are not typical of others who have more investment smarts than I but for me investing in the stock market has not been as profitable as investing in land and houses. 

The stock market is profitable if you can be lucky or you happen to get good information in advance of other investors.  But success is always dependent on others wanting a return on investment.  If they see no way to achieve that they will not buy in masses.  In other words the investment demand must be strong.  You need large scale buying to keep the stock market inflated.  It is like a large balloon.  Without the supply of hot air it won't expand and it won't float.

Real estate on the other hand is a real product that is perpetually needed by an expanding population.  People will always need a place to live.  Someone will always need to buy land on which to build a home.  As a result, it will always grow in value as long as the population is growing.  

I have done better with real estate than with any other asset.  I still do buy some stocks but my main investments are in real estate.  I enjoy investing in real estate and I love helping others find great real estate investments.  I have built my career on helping people invest in and grow their real estate assets.

Newfoundland is a great place to invest in real estate too.  Its has a growing economy, an oil economy and it is a safe place to live because of low crime, moderate climate, and insulation from the negative impacts of global warming.

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Disclosure: I hold real estate land, houses and some stocks, but none are mentioned in this post.