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Humorous digression

   Okay, this is supposed to be a place for financial blogs, but every tragedy needs a bit of comic relief now and then. So here I shall take a the lead of the inimitable WB7, and note that these days (and perhaps in all days), politics and finance are desperately intertwined, so both are fair game here.
   That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!

   The rest of this is easy. Sometimes the material just write itself . . .

    I am not from New York, not acquainted with anyone there, so the foibles of a certain congress critter representing part of that state are not really my business. That said, if I Were from that area, if I was a constituent of that person, I would be disappointed. Yes, I can safely say, that if that Weiner represented me, I would be very disappointed in my Weiner. I would be disappointed that people saw my Weiner all mushy in public. I would be disappointed that my Weiner failed to stand up for the things that really matter.
    And I would be completely humiliated that the likes of Nancy Pelosi feel so superior to my Weiner that she would actually say she would prefer if my Weiner would withdraw.
    But I believe in the redemption of souls. If I was a New Yorker, I would hold on to the belief that my Weiner could be set back on the straight and narrow. So I would encourage those around to put a little pressure on my Weiner. Heck, I would even welcome someone giving my Weiner a good, long tongue-lashing. Preferably more than one someone. 'Cause I'm pretty sure that sort of thing would tend to straighten my Weiner out.
    Like I said, just writes itself.
   I would like to extend special thanks Rep. Weiner's family, for sending him off into the world with insufficient self control, and a tragically suitable name.