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Bathtime for Bonzo

|Includes: Bank of America Corporation (BAC), BRK.A, WFC

     With so many of you reeling from the latest Jobs data (get it?), it is time for some investment humor.

     Warren Buffet supposedly got the notion to buy into Bank of American while taking a bath. The obvious humor here (so obvious, in fact, I am A-mAzed that no one else has posted it where I could find it) is, 'he was taking a bath, and found himself wanting to extend the experience into the financial arena'. So buy up those Berkshire shares, kiddies, so you too can share the bath that Warren's going to take!

   Wait, it gets better.
    Part of his reasoning: "I think Bank of America is going to be around a long time." Well, in a relative sense, that is probably true; BoA will be around for a significant fraction of the rest of His life. Not so much most of the rest of us.

    Of course, I am being narrow minded – the Great Warren Buffet has A Cunning Plan, a higher purpose. Doesn't he always? In this case, I think I can divine his secret intent. He is planning to try to Coach Women's Basketball, and want to show he is qualified.
  (yes, I know, 'straight to hell' – I'm okay with that)

   Talk about the perfect storm: Eurocalypse, BoA coughing up blood, a Category 4 Hurricane headed up the eastern seaboard (just to make the metaphor manifest). What's next? Steve Jobs shown to be mere mortal? Wait…